Meet Meikhel, Founder and CEO of MEI Recordings and Psalm Infinity

How are you using your profession to impact society? This artist manager, businessman and lawyer, Meikhel, will surely bring his skills to the world by helping numerous people. The opportunity to leave a legacy is what drives him. He wants his “MEI” brand to become a global conglomerate.

About Meikhel

Meikhel is a Haitian-Cuban-American from South Florida. He is the founder and CEO of MEI Recordings (Music, Entertainment, Imagination) and Psalm Infinity (stylized as Psalm ∞:∞). He started MEI Recordings in 2017, for the sake of artist management and public relations, dedicated to discovering artists and elevating their careers from local setting to global stardom. They pride themselves on helping artists reach their full potential, with a primary focus on the longevity and legacy of their career. They have the motto “MEI music for YOU that WE can enjoy”.

He also recently founded Psalm Infinity, a clothing brand, which will officially launch later this year. Amazingly, it will donate a percentage of the profits to a different charity each month. Meikhel has further interacted with artists, celebrities, and athletes. But meeting Dua Lipa and Rico Love was the most interesting thing for him, having longer conversations and racking their brains.

Enter your profession

Meikhel has always been a fan of music since his early years of life. As she studied through school and through her research, she learned about the behind-the-scenes roles that the music industry provides. He had an urge to start a record label at the time, but it was out of his depth and so he settled for management and PR.

He started MEI Recordings while still in school after a friend, Cameron Dietz, approached him with his EP. Meikhel acted as his pseudo-manager, which fascinated him, and he eventually launched MEI Recordings. Today, they work with many artists and plan to offer record label services soon.

Impacting Society

Meikhel’s company is in itself an impact for numerous artists. He hopes to have a deeper effect than just the music. He will be donating the proceeds to various charities under his new brand, Psalm Infinity. Meikhel is also working to start a non-profit organization, the MEI Foundation, which will focus on education and scholarship. He believes in giving back to society. As you rise through the ranks, you will no doubt continue to champion diversity and help give minorities more representation and opportunity.

prosperous forces

Meikhel attributes his success to this passion for music, the need to inspire others, hard work, and persistence. He also credits God and his parents for instilling proper moral values ​​in him. They guided him on how to pursue what he wanted in life through hard work and common sense.

He has become competent in helping others gain notoriety and be successful in music. He understands the struggles artists go through and therefore does everything in his power to help them succeed. Meikhel is here to leave a positive legacy as someone who always had the interests of others in mind. You can connect with Meikhel:

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