Meet Maryland’s #1 RV Salesman, Justin Shanholtzer

Who is Justin Shanholtzer?

Justin Shanholtzer is a professional RV salesperson who helps people find the RV, travel trailer or van conversion that best fits their lifestyle. Justin works with Maryland’s #1 RV dealer, Beckley’s RV, to offer a selection of 500 new and used RVs. Recognized as one of the best RV salesmen in the country at only 23 years old, Justin has helped thousands of people select the right RV for them and their families.

How did Justin get started in Beckley’s RV?

Justin’s father, Kelly, is the owner of Beckley’s RVs. Growing up, Justin was always hanging around the dealership. His high energy was too much to handle at a young age, but Beckley’s employees always kept him busy as he toured the dealership interrupting each department with his endless curiosity.

At age 15, that curiosity stayed. Justin started working over the summer months as an Internet Sales Assistant/Social Media Content Creator. Like any other high school student, work was not his priority during this time, instead his focus turned to sports and friends. It wasn’t until Justin was about to graduate from high school that he got serious about his future path. He planned to attend a 4-year college like Towson or the University of Maryland, but quickly realized he didn’t have the credits or SAT scores to qualify. Rather than pursue his initial vision, he decided to jump right into the family business and learn as much as he could.

Just getting started

After Justin’s high school graduation, he was offered a full-time position in RV sales.

“I had a lot of eyes on me when I started, both from co-workers and from the management team. I never wanted to be seen as the owner’s son, because that often has a negative connotation, and I just wasn’t raised that way, so I put my head down and got to work.”

Justin was always naturally competitive growing up, playing a variety of sports and always leading as team captain. Sales was a great position for him because it gave him full control of his schedule, with unlimited opportunity to produce as much as he put in, but like anyone starting out, he had a lot to learn.

It took him a couple of years to figure it all out… Justin said he “made a lot of mistakes” in those early years, but he understood that “it was part of growing up and he had to understand the basics first.” “In 2018, he started to gain some traction and became one of the top 5 producers at the dealership. In 2019, Justin really started to see some changes.

“My father told me when I started, that he expected me to be the number 1 salesman at the dealership at 21 years old. 2019 was my last year to achieve that. I couldn’t let my father or myself down on that commitment, so I concentrated hard. I stopped doing what other kids my age did. People asked me to do this or that, and my answer was always no, I have business to attend to. I compromised and I guess it worked out well.”

At the end of 2019, Justin was recognized as the top producing seller at Beckley’s RV out of 25 sellers. Then again in 2020, but this time setting a dealer sales record for the most company revenue generated in one year by a salesperson.

Currently in 2021, Justin is on track to break last year’s record.

“People see all the success every month and every year, but they don’t recognize all the hours, effort, dedication and commitment put into it. I mean I literally eat, breathe and sleep my business. I don’t have much of a social life outside of it, but it’s what it takes to achieve the levels of success I seek. For some people it’s just a job, but for me, this is my legacy, and I will continue to push myself to the next level wherever it takes me.”

Success starts with you first

Justin places the utmost importance on self-care. Right out of high school, Justin became obsessed with personal development and fitness. He immersed himself in endless books on health, fitness, sales, business, psychology, etc. He started exercising and eating natural, unprocessed foods. On Instagram, he will regularly see his stories captioned “healthy” with a photo of delicious organic food that he has prepared himself. You can see them here Instagram

He states, “I try to treat myself similarly to a professional athlete. Athletes need to eat right, exercise, and fuel their minds with positivity in order to play at peak performance. Businesses are no different. I firmly believe that if you take care of yourself first, everything else will follow.”

Future plans

Justin plans to keep moving up the ranks in Beckley’s RVs while actively pursuing another business he’s been quietly working on. He hopes to continue to inspire others by showing them that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

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