Meet J Flex, a versatile artist who aspires to be famous in the music and entertainment industry

Multi-talented artist, Johnny Lugo, also known as J Flex, is working exceptionally hard in the world of entertainment to achieve his goals. He belongs to a family with a strong musical background, so he has been passionate about music since he was very young.

Johnny was born on October 10, 1987 in Salem, Massachusetts and lived in the Dominican Republic with his family for 4 years. He used to live an independent life since he was young and even started working at a local convenience store at the age of 10 to support his family.

He was exposed to studies because many of his family members, including his stepfather, were involved in the world of music. Because of this, he started composing music even during his time in high school. Besides writing poems with the ladies, J Flex loved to entertain others with his music.

The talented music artist began posting his music and entertainment work on social media and began receiving positive responses for his craft. In addition to dedicating himself to music, he is also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. YJ Flex wants to establish his name as an actor.

In order to expand its reach in the entertainment industry, J Flex has created its own brand titled “J Flexing”. By learning new things regularly, the versatile artist is making his brand “J Flex” even more popular to give his daughter and her family a prosperous life. J Flex has released many singles and EPs in his music career which you can listen to on his Spotify channel.

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