Meet Flavia De Andrade, the new generation creative and influential entrepreneur

Astonishing the world through her creative ideas, this multifaceted girl has gained a lot of popularity on many social media platforms.

The enormous growth of the economy and technological advances has caused a wave of new entrepreneurs, inventions and startups to take over the markets. Today’s golden generation has left no stone unturned to captivate and hypnotize us all through their sheer passion, drive, creative ideas, and reciprocal results. There is no doubt about the fact that they have been able to generate great growth and success for themselves and their companies. Today, our own dependence on many of those ideas, products or services developed by these young entrepreneurs has been such that we simply cannot live without them. One of those professionals who has been at the peak of her creativity is Flavia De Andrade. Her recent appearance in the business world has surprised many marketing gurus, as she has been able to carve a special niche for herself in the same domain.

Flavia De Andrade is from Brazil and currently works as a Sales Manager at CE LA VI DUBAI (a contemporary Asian restaurant, sky bar and lounge in Dubai) but she often takes time to tickle her creative bone and try out many new ideas. innovative. Her great enthusiasm and zeal behind devising and creating different things has earned her a label of creative entrepreneur. You are also fluent in 4 different languages, which adds more value to your overall profile. Flavia De Andrade thinks that it was her childhood dream to become an entrepreneur, leaning towards business and new companies was something that intrigued her. He started working at the age of 13 in many different industries doing various types of work.

Today, Flavia De Andrade is also a key influencer on many social media platforms and attracts a large following. He has more than 150,000 followers on Instagram, where he shares valuable content and comments related to travel, food, fashion and many other products that he uses or brands that he promotes. Sharing his experiences with the world through his networking channels has given him a lot of happiness and satisfaction, thus adding more value to his work and enjoying his work at the same time. He has promoted many brands and products on social media and helped them gain the necessary visibility and generate sales revenue.

Flavia De Andrade is also a UNICEF Global Ambassador and began to add more value and contribute more to society in general. Follow her journey on Instagram @flaviadeandradef.

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