Meet Dr. Dean Bartles, an Advanced Manufacturing Innovator

Innovation is a critical component of economic growth and success, and is especially important in the manufacturing sector. It results in greater productivity, efficiency and progress. Innovation usually involves looking for something better, spotting flaws and finding solutions, or taking an existing method and simplifying it.

Advanced manufacturing encompasses all aspects of the value chain, from concept to end-of-life considerations, and relies on information and communication technology (ICT) to integrate business and manufacturing activities into one. efficient and trouble-free operation.

With four decades of manufacturing and technology management experience and a passion for learning the ins and outs of advanced manufacturing, Dr. Dean Bartles has established himself as an expert and leader in innovating, improving and advancing industry technologies and methodologies. He was a driver and a key figure in the development of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, two innovations that revolutionized the sector.

Dean’s educational background demonstrates his commitment to learning and expanding his knowledge: he holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, as well as a Ph.D. in Technology Management.

Bartles also spent more than 30 years as Vice President and General Manager of General Dynamics’ $600 million Strategic Business Unit. He became a leading authority in the field of manufacturing technology thanks to the valuable knowledge he gained during his time there. He held various other senior positions before establishing himself as President and CEO of MTDG.

Geroge Barnych, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), had this to say about Bartles: “Dean is one of the most motivating and encouraging leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. with. He is his man if he wants to see his company grow quickly.”

Dr. Bartles’ ability to manage and direct projects cannot be underestimated. He helped Shalimar Research & Technology run a smoother operation by providing advice during a crisis. Daniel Matuska, the company’s owner, commented: “Dean was a sensible touchstone in a growing and turbulent entity in turmoil due to rapid mergers and acquisitions. His advice was invaluable in that environment.”

He currently serves as President and CEO of the Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group, Inc., a not-for-profit holding company for both the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) and Advanced Manufacturing International, Inc. (AMI) , a new subsidiary. and sister company of NCDMM. “Our years of experience in the advanced manufacturing technology space make us uniquely qualified to manage our diverse client portfolios, independent projects or programs and achieve successful results,” says Bartles.

NCDMM’s success is based on the trust they have built and fostered with US manufacturing companies. They also have the vision, experience, and agility to bring together professional teams that will collaborate and leverage the right technology to develop innovative solutions. .

AMI, a sister company of NCDMM, provides digital manufacturing technologies that are easy to integrate and operate to help small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) achieve profitability. Its industry experts, led by Dr. Dean Bartles, collaborate with SMMs to identify pain points and recommend fast, simple, low-cost technology solutions.

To learn more about Dean, visit his website or follow him on Twitter

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