Meet Dr. Ali AlSaqoby: the dentist, footballer and social media influencer

A man of many talents!

There are many people who claim to be influencers, while having only one talent, or even none to show the world! Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is a man of many talents and each of his talents has more to say than mere words.

He managed to take over as an influencer, not only by being a famous footballer, but also by an extraordinary dentist with a master’s degree in dental surgery. This is just a sampling of various talents and qualifications that the Kuwait-based dentist possesses and has to offer. With all that, he also plays his role as an influencer on social media, mainly dominating the Snapchat and Instagram platforms to spread a message of inspiration and positivity to his fans.

The Kuwaiti dentist is known for his outgoing and friendly personality that served him well as a dentist, entrepreneur, athlete, president of Football Freestyle, and social media influencer. Let’s acknowledge the fact that you are physically blessed with your appearance and that it complements your personality very well to enhance your influence on delivering motivational messages.

From an incredible footballer to a competitive dentist to an exceptional social media influencer.

His popularity started by sharing his skillful soccer videos, challenging world-renowned footballers, this came as a total shock to the viewers of these videos, without surprise, they quickly circulated the web, to reach popular Arab blogs and go viral. on WhatsApp throughout other social networks. media, as a result. Soon, the media caught up by asking him for television interviews about his soccer talent over the years. For every global achievement he achieves, there is a media press that documents it, praising his unique talent. Soon after, he became known as the Kuwaiti dentist with an admirable lifestyle and inspiring message.

Inspiration for many and a luxury lifestyle!

Being from Kuwait makes him an inspiration to possibly all the young people in the Arab world who come across his name. Social media was just another tool that highlighted her talent and thankfully increased her popularity further. It also allowed us to discover the lifestyle of Dr. Ali that is the envy of many, owning cars like the red Bentley that appears on his page, is an example of goals in life.

Also, being invited to travel the world is just another thing that you are lucky enough to experience. Either to promote a brand as an influencer or to act internationally. Although he is also both, his soccer skills to attract attention gave companies and brands ideas to invite him to promote their products around the world. With such an extensive fan base of 100,000 highly engaging followers on Instagram alone, coupled with his professional demeanor, he makes him one of the top picks for brands in the Arab world.

Traveling the world to perform globally and successfully supporting the sport he leads.

He was exclusively invited to perform in front of 100’s of thousands of people, in which he was successful! The final gulf cup program that he performed, made the crowd go wild as seen in his Instagram video that he uploaded! Also, it was apparently streamed to around a million viewers online as seen on YouTube. However, it was not! The young dentist was also a big part of EXPO Milan, where he shared his soccer skills by bringing together a large number of people of various nationalities so that his professional performance matches the rhythms of the music.

In one of his television interviews, he stated: “I am honored to be personally invited by the director and head of the Kuwait pavilion to represent Kuwait in my performance and subsequently to be rewarded as one of the most influential people contributing to the pavilion. It is a pleasure”. .

To this day, his accomplishments with the world of Freestyle Soccer are continuous and impressive. He recently managed to organize the Kuwait Official National Championships that was documented in his Snapchat story, and he will judge the entire tournament together with the judging committee of 3 professional freestylers. From him, an official champion of Kuwait was chosen. Providing more motivation not only to the community in general, but also contributing positively to the sport perfectly fulfilling its role as a charismatic leader.

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