Meet Damarys: Creating Luxury and Beauty through the Bight Swim Collection

Damarys has a mission: to inspire confidence, boldness and self-esteem in others. She believes that everyone, regardless of age, size, or station in life, is worthy of wealth. Luxury is not about the financial situation, but about a state of mind and a happy place. How does she do it? Through her swimwear and resort collection, The Bight Swim.

Growing up on one of the Bay Islands of Honduras, Damarys was destined for a life in the tropics. But she was born in the small town of Punta Gorda, Roatán, she always felt that something was wrong. As her five siblings made plans for the future that included getting married and starting a family, she Damarys decided that her future looked different. Although she felt a strong connection to her town’s unapologetic culture and her vibrant love of life, she disagreed with some of her conservative values. As a people in the heart of the tropics, they had strict views on how women should present themselves. This almost forbidden swimsuit. Damarys’ lifestyle may have been restricted, but that didn’t stop her from being who she wanted to be. She took life by the horns and forged a path that led her to where she is today.

As Damarys found more and more freedom to experiment with swimwear, she encountered a common problem: the fit, style and function were all wrong. So, she found the answer by altering the swimsuits into exactly what she wanted. Damarys received compliments from other women, who were then confused as to why the same suit from the same store did not fit them. She then realized that she forgot to mention everything that she removed, added, polished and basically made her own. “My sister got tired of pinching me and said, ‘Why don’t you do this yourself? You are very good and you know what cuts work. So here I am, doing it myself,” she says.

For Damarys, fear plays two roles, depending on what you do with it. It can motivate you to take a leap of faith or lead you to failure. That’s why he says mindset is so important. When he started out, Damarys assumed he would find instant success as he was clearly talented and had friends in the fashion industry. But he had a hard time finding the right help for a while. After her titan business friends cheated on her, she spent time trying to handle everything on her own. Ella damarys discovered something very important: she could design amazing swimsuits, but she was not good at business or marketing. When she realized that she was sinking deeper into the red, she knew that she needed the right help.

Damarys understands success in a new light. For her success is survival. If she makes the decision to show up every day and persevere, she will succeed. When she opens the emails and fulfills the two requests she received this week, she is successful. Eventually, with success comes financial freedom. This is when you have the opportunity to see others flourish. For Damarys, she plans to rebuild schools on the “less desirable” east end of Roatán, where the country offers fewer opportunities. His NPO “Where are you from? Project” is also currently helping with the children’s learning experience on the island.

Damarys’ next project is already underway. She has launched a bold new line of luxury swimwear for men. She plans to start the trend of adding a bit of gold to men’s swimwear. Damarys also has her sights set on celebrity swimwear for names like Beyonce and Rihanna. You can follow Damarys on Instagram @thebightswim.

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