Meet Buffate Coleman: A rising artist making his way in the music industry

Buffate Coleman is a 22-year-old American artist, businessman, former high school football champion, actor, and record producer who grew up in a small town of Heflin, Louisiana. He was born on August 9, 1999 in Los Angeles California. Buffate Coleman is a rising artist making his way in the music industry.

His real name is Buffate Ryfalle Coleman Jr. He is known to the masses for his music. He is known by the stage name of ‘Buffate Coleman’.


Buffate Coleman is currently an independent artist with his label known as “777 Supremacy” founded in 2018. He is one of the most famous music artists in America. His songs crossed thousands of streams on the digital streaming platform you can think of, like Spotify, SoundCloud and others. His musical journey began during his senior year, Coleman wore number 7 for the Lakeside Warriors. Coleman only played his final year for the Warriors and in that year he led the football team to the playoffs for the first time in years. At that time, Coleman achieved the title as favorite in the state of Louisiana. He achieved many other accolades in just one year, including Offensive MVP, Regional All Player, 2nd Team All Offensive, and was nominated for an All American. Coleman not only attracted the attention of his peers, but also of local newspapers and news stations. Many universities in Louisiana and surrounding states had their eyes on the young star and offered him scholarships to continue his football career, unfortunately, that was not God’s plan for Coleman.

He quickly discovered his passion for music. Coleman soon realized that if he wanted to further his music career, he would have to invest in himself, so he built his first home studio where he would record the lead single “This Ain’t The End”. Coleman quickly gained traction with “This Ain’t the End,” earning over 5,000 followers on Instagram just after the first month of release. Coleman had other thriving platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat. Coleman’s popularity soon led to the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people, including The King Family, at the Battle of the Bands located at the University of the South. The audience was very pleased with Coleman’s leadership and authenticity.

This was just the beginning of Coleman’s rise…

Coleman had a passion for being a rapper since his childhood. She became interested in becoming an artist from her grandmother, Mattie Coleman.

The private life of Buffalo Coleman

His favorite hobbies are playing Xbox, boxing, and reading. Denzel Washington is her favorite actor and her favorite actress is Marilyn Monroe. Africa is her favorite place to go.

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