Meet Amanda Bredén: businesswoman and adult entertainer

Bredén is a versatile person who has shown that he can do it all.

It takes courage to take the road less traveled, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. People can often prejudge their choices or misinterpret certain business endeavors; however, Amanda Bredén has never allowed this to stop her from pursuing her goals. Despite the noise of those who do not support the chosen path, the model, adult entertainment actress and businesswoman has forged a path to success on her own terms. So who exactly is Amanda Bredén? Read on to find out where she is from, how she achieved her dreams, and what she is doing now.

Originally from Sweden, Amanda broke into the competitive world of modeling at just 18 years old. It was initially discovered by a famous Swedish photographer and since then it has grown exponentially in her career. From watching adult movies to modeling for a variety of brands on social media, Amanda continues to raise the bar for her personal brand. He has now amassed more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, as well as a cult following on the most popular subscription platform. It is currently in the top 49% of revenue on the subscription-based site, and that number continues to improve with each passing month. His dedication to his niche craft has shown that anything is possible as long as you have a strong will and solid faith in yourself.

While she is now at the peak of her career thus far, Amanda has faced several challenges along the way. According to Amanda, she was very bullied as a child at school. While this was difficult at the time, he says, “… it helped me grow as a person and be stronger. It also taught me to be myself and not let other people’s opinions of me make a difference. “

The model and actress certainly didn’t let those bullies stop her from doing what she loves. Amanda has traveled the world for her work in glamor and bikini modeling. One of Amanda’s favorite aspects of modeling is staying strong and fit. Much of his interest in health and fitness comes from his father, who competed in weightlifting at the Olympics and is a four-time Swedish national bodybuilding champion. Amanda says, “My father has taught me about training and nutrition, which has helped me achieve my physique.” She also has a diploma in both personal training and nutrition, which has helped her excel in bikini fitness competitions.

Today, Amanda works full time running her own business as a model and adult film actress. In addition to her online business, Amanda has recently developed an interest in investing. In fact, she and her husband are investing most of their savings in building and opening their own hotel. “The hotel is currently under construction in one of the most beautiful locations in Sweden and is scheduled for completion this summer,” he enthusiastically shared. “My husband and I invested all the money we made and we want to build our own little empire.”

Without a doubt, Amanda is on her way to building an empire and much more. With the mind of an entrepreneur and a heart of gold, she plans to continue growing her business and investments over time. “Don’t be afraid to walk your own path,” says Amanda. “But you have to be prepared for a difficult world.”

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