Marcus Swain, aka Solstice, has a lot planned for his career ahead

Traditionally known for country music, Alabama is home to emerging artist Marcus Swain, also known as Solstice, who seeks to change the musical environment in his home state. He wants to change the narrative of what people usually think of when they think of the South and its music, as he knows that there is much more to offer from local talent. By paving the way for artists to follow him, Solstice is using his unique nervousness to grab people’s attention and put Alabama on the music industry map.

“Having operated in two completely different genres, I am influenced by a lot of people. Vocally, I am influenced by The Weeknd, Chase Atlantic, PARTYNEXTDOOR, PVRIS, Black Atlass, among other artists, ”says Solstice. He loves the energy and vibe these artists bring to his work and strives to one day live among the ranks of these talented people. By creating a unique sound like no one else has done before and drawing inspiration from some of the game’s biggest artists, Solstice is on its way to changing the culture in its area.

As she continues to push for a change in the musical environment in her home state, Solstice has a lot planned for the coming year. He has a ton of new music on the way that he is excited for fans to hear and hopes they will like it as much as he does. “Along with a couple of singles, I plan to release this new project later this year and it will be special; very special, ”says Solstice. You have no doubt that this year is your year and nothing will stop you from getting where you want to be.

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