Marc My Words: This Mortgage Guru Has the Right Solutions

If there is one very important job that a mortgage broker has, it is to show their clients the best way through their mortgage process and guide them from start to finish. Mortgage brokers serve as a kind of guide for potential homebuyers, repeat homebuyers, people looking to consolidate their debt, and basically anyone with a mortgage. Their job is not only to speed up the process, but also to make sure their clients get an education about mortgages and the current market along the way. No one knows this better than the founder of Mortgage Guru, a mortgage brokerage that works to “give you the keys to your dream home.”

Marc Signh is the founder and principal broker at Mortgage Guru. A veteran and rising star of the mortgage industry, Marc is an Associate Broker with the Mortgage Alliance, one of Canada’s leading mortgage brokers, and is set to make an impact in the industry at the helm of his own unique brand of mortgage service. . In addition to being a mortgage broker, Marc is also a self-employed CEO of his own company, trades stocks and cryptocurrencies, and a hairdresser in his spare time. He is in fact, what many might describe, a guru.

The multi-talented broker shared what life was like before he decided to start his own brokerage and why he does what he does: “Before I started Mortgage Guru, I always worked hard 24/7 getting paid. more than 20 calls per day. Most days, I couldn’t even see the call log from the previous day because my phone was backed up with too many calls.”

He continues: “I probably worked 60 actual days total for another company in my life. I saw how much money I made in a day, but I was so tired after work that I couldn’t spend time doing anything for myself. I had a dream of retiring at 30, and decided that the best way to achieve that was to start my own business, and through that, I would be able to provide a mortgage service that is more flexible for my clients.”

Mortgage Guru’s broker is a certified expert in the mortgage industry and covers all mortgage-related services, from home buying to refinancing. He tells us that the main goal of his company is “to help people become financially free. I want to help them be able to see the growing housing market and give them the right advice to buy new homes or refinance existing ones to buy more and ultimately build more wealth.”

But, what really separates Marc from the competition is his understanding that a mortgage process can be unduly stressful for many of his clients. Because of that, he focuses on developing a trustworthy and trustworthy relationship with them, understanding their goals and needs, and creating a plan of attack that will help them get a mortgage with as little hassle as possible. By understanding his clients’ needs and prioritizing them, Marc is able to quickly connect his clients with the right lenders offering low rates from his various industry contacts. After all, he says, “we don’t really have customersbut customers for life who become friends supporting each other towards success.”

No longer do first-time homebuyers and anyone with mortgage problems need to worry about getting the right solutions for their problems. If you need a trusted mortgage expert to take you to the heights of success and build a solid financial foundation, don’t hesitate to contact Mortgage Guru himself, Marc Singh, and begin your journey to the life you want. to lead

Source: Variance Marketing

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