Marc Allinds Romulus The pop artist in his own lane

Music is a natural form of art because it has no borders or limits, music really can be whatever the creator sets it to be. The word music is formally defined as the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds to create musical notes that become sheet music. It is a noun that translates as music in Latin and originated from the Greek word musa. Synonyms include melody, harmony, and song. Music has long been a unique art form for people from all over the world to create and share their masterpieces with the general population. Their presence in society has only grown over time. Today, with music and music streaming platforms that anyone can launch at any time, 60,000 songs are released every day. With so much volume, it’s hard to be recognized and few have overcome that hurdle, one of which includes emerging pop artist Marc Allinds.

Marc Allinds Romulus is an inspiring 27-year-old pop music artist born to Haitian lineages in Miami, Florida. Growing up, Marc was the only son in the family who cultivated a love for music. It was they who finally sparked the passion and love for music for life. His uncles used to play guitar and sing a lot when he was younger. He picked up the energy from him and decided to start writing and developing his own music. Since then he hasn’t stopped and his career has finally blossomed. Marc believes in superheroes and writes his own lyrics from natural encounters and a great love for family.

Marc Allinds Romulus is an ingenious spark behind the excitement. A singer, who from his humble roots as a Creole-language pop artist began his musical career at the age of eight. The music description of him is mixed with a touch of human character, authenticity and healing that comes with a smile to melt the heart. As a Haitian-American, Marc brings a very unique background to his music and has used it to his advantage. A well-rounded artist, he also enjoys playing multiple instruments, writing songs, and producing. At a loving age, he became popular at school for writing a love poem to a girl he loved, and by 14, Marc was well on his way, making his own music with the help of a PlayStation headset and from four walls. from the corners of your bedroom.

Follow Marc Allinds and his journey on Instagram: @marcallinds

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