Making travel a way of life and influencing others for the same is Rasmus Peter Kristensen through his Instagram page “Resort”

This man eats, talks, sleeps and loves to travel and intends not to leave a single place on earth without visiting.

People are caught up in their daily work and personal life, so much so that they hardly have time to live the life they want, to see places in the world that probably no one has discovered before, to meet the people they have. never known before, to read that unfinished book or just to take a retreat for a few days. A trend of the recent past is choosing to travel the world to find a sense of ourselves again. Many people have turned to travel as a way to connect with the outside world and find peace. Rasmus Peter Kristensen did the same; He travels the world with his wife, meets new people, engages in deep and insightful conversations with the people he meets on his travels, and truly enjoys life.

Rasmus has become a travel explorer today; enthusiastic and influential who has helped change the outlook on life for many. Rasmus created a page called “Resort” on Instagram and, through this page, he wants to inspire people to choose to travel, encourage them to live the life they want, enjoy every moment and share their travel stories, experiences, ideas, suggestions travel. , and also share hotels and resorts of the world so others can easily map on Instagram. All these crazy travelers can also get a chance to appear on your page by tagging @resort on the social media platform.

Life took a turn for Rasmus and guided him into the world of travel after he experienced a panic attack and decided to take time off from work and travel the world to find himself back. Rasmus and his wife travel to every corner of the world and choose to stay luxuriously at 5-star properties and resorts. Exploring new things, new places and choosing many adventures has made Rasmus and his wife become professionals as travel explorers and thus easily influence others to go on their respective journeys.

Rasmus also has a keen interest in Thai boxing, snowboarding cross and training his German Shepherd dog Sika. With the help of Resort, Rasmus wants to bring people together and form a community of different types of world travelers who have the same mission of inspiring and influencing others to travel the world.

When people from all walks of life, from different cultures and backgrounds, speak and share information about the common theme of travel on a common platform like Resort, people are sure to be inspired and gain a different take on travel in general.

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