LilTonyRose, the American artist becomes a rising force in the music industry with his lyrical expertise.

They say that working hard and being the best at your craft is the only way to success and LilTonyRose exemplifies that. Anthony Meza Rose, popularly known as LilTonyRose, is the rising rapper, singer and songwriter who is on a mission to touch the world with his captivating singles. By writing all the musical compositions himself, the American star stands out among the leading pop and R&B artists. With diligent efforts, LilTonyRose continues to be a rising force in various genres including R&B, Hip Hop, and Soul.

Born on September 5, 1997 in Port Arthur, Texas, the American artist began his musical journey in 2018. After releasing two discographies called “The King Of Love” and “The Rap Therapist” and an EP called “A Love Story”. EP 1”, LilTonyRose is ready to get the award and nothing can stop him until he gets it. As an expert lyricist and realistic storyteller, he is already rising to fame and capturing everyone’s attention. When LilTonyRose was asked about his success, he said, “I just want to touch everyone’s soul with my talent. My art allows me to have a positive impact on everyone’s life and I will continue to do so.”

LilTonyRose, one of the most beloved songwriters, has already been featured on OntharizeMag. His single “Ride” caught everyone’s attention, becoming the first choice of fans. Other titled singles, “The Chronicles”, “Tales of Jahayra” and “God’s Plan” stirred the soul of the audience. With views of 156K, 136K, and 23K respectively, all three singles gained recognition among fans. Driven by a passion to leave his unique imprint on the music industry and move the soul of the audience with his singles, LilTonyRose’s voice seamlessly embodied within R&B and Hip Hop.

With a catchy and melodic tune on singles like “Ride”, LilTonyRose gained a wide fan base in Mexico City. American Star’s single titled “The Chronicles” won the title of the artist’s most popular and most viewed video. The vivid narrative about the conflicted and yet intriguing nature of life’s many realities makes The Bachelor everyone’s favorite. With the single, “Blessed By The Holy,” LilTonyRose offers a diverse perspective on his craft, focusing on the soulful and spiritual aspects of his life.

Rod Wave and Sade are LilTonyRose’s main inspirations inspiring the artist to be a better version of himself. With his growth and development, the artist continues to elevate his business “LilTonyRose Entertainment LLC” by expanding his base with each release. With his zeal for greatness, we all know that LilTonyRose will continue to rise to the top of his game and achieve everything he desires.

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