Let’s cut to the chase: Lexyom’s new digital software makes legality incredibly accessible

As the business world expands and new businesses are launched, the need for fast and accessible attorneys is at an all-time high. In recent years, the world has witnessed an unprecedented shift towards online and remote work. Changing technology requires many traditional industries to digitize, meeting the demands of an evolving workforce. Traditionally, the term “law” or “legal” conjures up mental images of courts, judges, lawyers, and piles of files and documents waiting to be initialed. The legal process can be a tedious affair, with a lot of paperwork and expensive consultations. Easy and affordable are not the first descriptors that come to mind.

With Lexyom, legal doesn’t seem that complicated after all. Software like Lexyom turns traditional notions of legality upside down, changing the way companies and individuals approach the idea of ​​creating contracts and agreements. As the first online legal software of its kind, Lexyom is a new legal model that is accessible, confidential, and completely personalized. In a few easy steps, Lexyom allows users to create their own secure dashboard. The dashboard is confidential and easy to use, and offers clients the flexibility to complete legal documents on their own time. Creating and sharing documents takes just a few minutes – less time than it would take to drive to a lawyer’s office! The best part is that Lexyom can be used anywhere with internet access.

Lexyom’s founders may have eliminated the middle man, but they did not eliminate the expertise of trained attorneys and consultants. They have brought together the best lawyers and law firms in the Arab world, including the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, among others, to act as advisers and consultants. Experienced attorneys are available through the Lexyom control panel, to guide clients through certain documents or provide legal advice. They offer online legal consultation with the guarantee of receiving a call within 48 hours of the request. Lexyom is ideal for startups around the world because it offers tailored and accurate solutions for emerging entrepreneurs who need legal advice and support. Not to mention, they are heading towards an increasingly digital and rapidly changing economy. Lexyom is trusted by hundreds of people when it comes to their legal matters and has worked with renowned clients such as Plastik, an award-winning independent arts, culture and visual arts magazine.

One surprising point about Lexyom is how accurate, personalized, and varied the end results are. From shareholder agreements to influencer packages, they offer comprehensive legal solutions. Lexyom covers individuals, companies, artists and even has a specific package for athletes. A multitude of legal solutions are available through Lexyom, including the Founders Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, KISS or SAFE Notes, Non-Disclosure Agreement, MoU, Website Terms and Policies, and more. Lexyom also offers legal tax consultations and can be used to close investment rounds. Their mission is to provide affordable legal solutions without compromising standards, quality, and professionalism. According to its mission statement, Lexyom claims it will put legality in everyone’s pockets by 2022.

With Lexyom, legal is easy. To get started with your stress-free and effective legal solutions, visit www.lexyom.com.

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