Leon Vartanian, who dropped out of college and became an entrepreneur, runs a 6-figure Amazon FBA business

Do you always need a college degree to be successful? The simple answer is no. College can surely show you the way to a great career. But it is not the only way.

Meet Leon Vartanian, an entrepreneur who dropped out of college to pursue his dreams. Leading a top 6 figure business at Amazon, Leon today has more than 20 Amazon FBA 1on1 coaching clients and has built a large network of wholesale providers for leading brands without spending a penny on advertising.

Leon started his online journey with eBay and Shopify in 2018 and transitioned his business to FBA in 2019 (in 3 years). The main idea behind the transition was that Leon did not want to create a product brand, spend money on advertising and fulfill orders manually. All of this was easier to handle on Amazon FBA, and this helped you make 6 Amazon Figures from the comfort of your home. León has shown: ‘Where there is a will, surely there will be a way!’

Turning dreams into success

“Truly inspiring are those stories and the people who dare to dream. ”As a child, Leon had a vision to generate a great income for himself. The boy knew that being able to afford a Porsche / Lamborghini would mean setting up a business with a specific purpose. He wanted to become famous and be known as someone who is fearless, courageous and inspires others to do the same. He had also seen people sell online and was encouraged to dig deeper.

Motivated, Leon started a company that today has grown to provide professional services to Amazon / Walmart customers. Leon and his company help inexperienced people grow their e-commerce businesses. He is committed to enabling budding entrepreneurs to master the strategies of high-income self-employed.

Leon relentlessly inspires others to understand that there are no limits or mental barriers. Her niche is enlightening people to earn income online and she strives to make the whole experience a great one for them. His method on Amazon is the most efficient and easy to implement for anyone with no e-commerce experience.

After all the hard work, Leon’s sweet taste of success is being his own boss, making his own decisions in life, and showing people how to make an income online.

The way forward is all about climbing and succeeding

With the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 97,966 companies were forced to permanently shut down their operations in 2020. All countries and regions of the world witnessed the worst of the pandemic. Flipside, 2020 proved to everyone that online is the new normal. The online revolution ushered in and the e-commerce industry flourished. Many people who lost their jobs started their businesses online. After COVID-19, Amazon experienced tremendous growth as selling and buying from home became the new normal. The entrepreneur, Leon Vartanian, is one of those personalities who started his online business in 2018 and in 2020 saw more opportunities than ever.

Despite the challenges the world faces, what sets Leon’s business apart is that it is bulletproof, efficient, and versatile enough to adapt to the changing global landscape.

Leon struggled in school and just graduated from high school. Today, he works from home, succeeds, and leads others to usher in the “freelance business” revolution. Your journey from a college dropout to a six-figure businessman is all about faith in yourself and sheer dedication. What’s more, for someone like Leon, who only cares about transforming people’s lives through paychecks, the journey has just begun. Leon is in the middle of opening a Walmart store and setting up Walmart automation. With the vision to scale Amazon to 7+ figures, land 500 clients in 1-to-1 tutoring / automation, and build a $ 1 million real estate portfolio, many more milestones are yet to be seen! You can now contact Leon Vartanian!

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