LA Rapper PARKER anticipates the release of a new album

Originally from Houston, Christian Parker has been out on the job, creating new music with a multitude of producers in Los Angeles. After many years trying to find a position in the industry that included a rebrand / renaming of Christo Sparkkzz to PARKER, he is set to release an album on September 19, 2020, with two singles coming soon titled “ZAZA” and ” COWBOY”. . “

Christian’s new music will be highlighted by a raw, true and lifelike sound motivated by a challenging past. In an interview, he revealed that he is inspired by “God, my life’s struggles, my family and the freedom I feel when I step into the booth. It is like entering a dark mirror where you discover who you really are ”. This experience led him to take a break from making music to, as Christian says, “really learn and experience new things.”

Parker compares his rise as PARKER to that of a phoenix from the ashes. Although her past was marked by jail, homelessness, heartbreak, childbirth, and forced moves, she encourages others to say that “some challenges you may face as an artist are beginning the foundation.” [toward success]. “

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