Kiarash Behain sheds light on what it’s like to be an entertainment entrepreneur

“All that glitters is not gold”, as the saying goes in Hollywood. Also, being a boss in show business isn’t as easy as it sounds on TV. Some rise and some fall in the entertainment world, but for Kiarash Behain, business is glamorous to those with whom he is connected.

Meet Kiarash Behain, director of social media and creative director who helps many celebrities and brands, large and small, make an impact online.

“I found loopholes when using influencer accounts and viral media,” Kiarash said of the success behind his social media techniques. “This allowed me to reach the masses while conveying the positive message that each influencer represented, turning me into instant growth and impact for each unique account.”

Kiarash began his journey in digital media managing popular forums, communities and entertainment websites starting in 1999. Despite the y2k mistake that traumatized us thinking that the world would collapse, Kiarash has exceeded his knowledge and practice in creating for almost two decades since then. He has harnessed his online popularity and keen eye for viral content by quietly collaborating with animators and artists with global influence.

“I am not going anywhere without my laptop. I feel like if I am connected to the world, I will try to maximize every moment I have to create. “Kiarash says.

Complementing its media company, Kiarash Behain continues to select the most impactful content the internet has to offer. He’s known for providing some of your favorite artists and celebrities with the ammunition they need to grow their following and get online.

Photo: Kiarash Behain with Sean “Diddy” Combs

“I’m just a hard-working, results-oriented guy, and knowing that helping others achieve success will allow me to shine in the process,” Behain tells us.

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