When we are younger, we want to do as many things as possible, like being an astronaut, a scientist, nowadays also becoming a youtuber or a tiktoker, but also many of us dream of being part of a team, one of the big leagues. Those dreams of glory and fame with bigger teams in crowded stadiums and huge profits aren’t as crazy as some people think.

In our country there are dozens of bigger teams, such as basketball, baseball, soccer or hockey teams, many of them as popular as the San Francisco Giants, New York Metz, Chicago Bulls, among others, but the big question here is how can I be part of it? of them, well, the answer is a bit complicated, actually it’s easy but not that easy.

It is often common to think that a career in the sports industry is not difficult, but in reality it takes years of preparation, effort, perseverance and following the path of many athletes. One of them, Julien Simmons, explained to us how hard this process is. According to him, it all starts in high school, days and days of hard work and training will pay off later as many talent scouts look for new stars. Simmons dreams of becoming a professional football player in the NFL, that’s why he trains 5 days a week, and even at home he keeps training to be even better. He attributes his success to his parents, thanks to them he was able to not only learn to love sports, they taught him rules, how to be disciplined and prioritize his responsibilities, these are important qualities in every athlete.

Athletes like Simmons have many things in common, they have strong values ​​and the aspiration to improve every day in what they do, leaving their hearts on the field and showing people that sometimes the impossible can be done only if you put your mind to it and work for it. Despite the difficulties or the lack of opportunities, many of them show that the limitations are not out there, those limitations are in the mind, everything is a matter of mentality and the way one sees life.

However, this journey of glory and fame can also have a dark side full of negative values ​​such as greed or arrogance, in such a way that many athletes have lost their values, goals and even their heads. Consequently, when someone starts in this world, the most important thing to do is to realize the situation, what brought him here, what is the main motivation, what is his horizon, what does he want to build and how does he see in the future.

It is a long road of sweat, effort, work and a lot of time, there will be obstacles, even lack of support but after that, the glory and recognition are very rewarding. That is why Julien Simmons gives, from his point of view, one of the most important pieces of advice, always do what you love and be better at it.

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