JoshfromYNC makes his dreams come true call him the goat

JoshfromYNC is the goat on every level when it comes to the music industry, from his acting to his videos to his fashion.

Born in the Ohio Valley, Joshua Heatherington tells us that not having major record labels or radio stations made him try harder and motivated him to achieve his goals. Heatherington paves the way for another artist to help them achieve their dreams, too. He said he has already achieved it, now is the time to help others achieve it.

West Virginia is an overlooked state in the rap world, not because they are not talented, it’s because not many do from there. JoshfromYNC says the talent we have is out of this world so he started taking down big labels and different celebrities to share his attention with the next artist. He said one thing about me is that I’m not greedy. I will give the knowledge that I have that worked for me to help someone else succeed. It is 90% entrepreneurial talent, 10% talent, said we must come together as a unit to build an empire. Heatherington says that teamwork makes the dream work, apply pressure, and be consistent. JoshfromYNC does everything from music to movies and even being on national television, he said staying humble is the key. You will win when you are productive and not lazy. You can do it, believe in yourself, invest in yourself and the rest will happen while you work hard. Josh said that you will face trials and tribulations, but that you can’t give up if this is what you really love and want to do.

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