Johnny Serian Says His Social Media Needs Help, Here’s Why

If you’re not getting a lot of engagement on your social media pages or you’re not converting sales through your social media platforms, you need help. Johnny Serian is a high-performing thought leader in the field of marketing. After graduating from Ramapo College in 2017 in Marketing, he has used his skills and experience in the business world to identify a gap and act accordingly. He is the founder of Digital Diver 360, a marketing agency that has helped dozens of individuals and companies scale their businesses by creating marketing funnels to reach their target audience. Digital Diver 360 is known to be one of the fastest growing marketing agencies in New Jersey and was named the number one content creation team within the Tri-State area by Disrupt magazine.

Johnny is also an artist, a world traveler, and an avid pianist. He grew up very competitive, dissatisfied with the stage he was in. However, Johnny always had the urge to do better. He acquired these qualities through rigorous piano lessons as a child, and daily track and field trainings from high school through college. Johnny was born in 1995 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. He saw the need for social media marketing for small businesses after college, and after a year, Johnny had more than two dozen businesses he could help. While working for other companies, Johnny knew that working on something from scratch and turning it into something much bigger than himself fit the mold. He also realized that consumers are willing to pay someone to increase their presence on social media.

Having scaled his agency quickly and with a deep passion for helping others succeed, this is why Johnny says his social media needs help.

If your site has low visitor engagement, there is a problem with your social media presence. It means that you are not properly interacting with your followers on their platforms. Businesses with high traffic have great content and videos on their social platforms. Consumers are likely to click on your site if you post content that resonates with them to generate curiosity and action. Make sure to work on the content you are posting to generate visitors.

If you are posting content and there is little to no reaction, such as likes, comments, and shares, it means that you are not capturing the minds of your audience. You can probably think about what makes you react to someone else’s post. The post will probably give you a solution to something you need. Again, take a look at how the content is presented. It should be exciting and eye-catching. Also, be sure to work on your branding. A brand is a powerful tool that shows a unique image to your customers and represents the services you offer.

Again, if you have a few followers and are having a hard time increasing the number, you need to change your marketing. First, make sure your presence is strong. Then, consistently showcase what your business offers and its value, and you’ll establish trust with potential customers.

A powerful tool to connect with customers

As you know, social media helps us connect with so many people and individuals around the world. You can also attest that the connection is usually successful when you actively post and react to the posts of others. That should be the case for companies. Given that Internet users worldwide are approximately 4.66 billion, why not take advantage of these platforms to build awareness of your brand as you generate sales. This strategy is an organic form of marketing that has been shown to drive the success of a business. Social media marketers believe that social media positively influences the revenue of their companies.

To prosper, be sure to communicate authority and show authenticity. Let your personality shine through – people love you for who you are. When you are yourself, you can establish a voice and a brand. It would be helpful if you also encouraged participation and support by responding to concerns and inquiries, raising awareness and being consistent.

You can reach Johnny through Instagram for marketing help.

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