Johan Feder is the multifaceted artist who works in many genres

Johan Feder was a shy French boy as a child. He liked music and started playing the piano when he was only ten years old. Seven years later, he also mastered the guitar. Johan has some fantastic talents that he could share with the world, but because he is shy, his talent remained hidden.

However, now Johan has taken music seriously. And he is creating new music. His song “Shipwrecked” topped the music charts. Now he is seen as a rising musical star. In addition to her artistic talents, she has an exceptionally mischievous appearance that draws in an audience.

Even Sparkles Records 2020 believes this man has potential. His new single is all about love and relationships. The song is an emotional paradise that speaks of the trials of love. He has touched audiences and people love his music.

Even Sparkles Record thinks it has a bright future ahead of it. It is a rare gem in the musical world. Johan has a trait of attracting millions of audiences and creating a loyal fan base. And it seems that it is just beginning.

Johan Feder is not only a musical enigma, but also a programmer, developer and expert in digital marketing. He is a multi-talented artist who has his own digital marketing company.

The fact that Johan is French, but writes and sings in English, is commendable. He is a man known for altering many genders. Johan dropped out of school and taught himself how to develop websites, then went ahead and started his own company.

Now, he has created music that is peace for the soul. His new album will be out in September. And we hope you get the love you deserve.

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