Jayde Duncan teaches people how to improve their lives through cryptocurrencies

Jayde: Rising Crypto Star Inspires Many Students to Invest in the High Rewards Business

The cryptocurrency has developed rapidly over the years. People are looking for various ways to invest and use their money in the world of cryptocurrencies. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, it went from being a concept only discussed among academics to reality on the way to completely change the world. However, investing in cryptocurrencies has its risks if you are not provided with the proper mentoring and guidance. Although the value of these cryptocurrencies reaches peaks and valleys from time to time, individuals, private companies, and even government organizations around the world continue to buy, trade, and use cryptocurrencies. While some use cryptocurrency solely for profit, others have begun to focus on using its power forever.

Jayde duncan, a fledgling US-based cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur began advising and guiding with her expertise and has expanded her own gang of people investing with her guidance based on her experience in the field.

Let’s meet Jayde

A graduate of MSU (Morgan State University) with a Master of Business Administration, Jayde learned more ways to invest her money and understand the dynamics of how money works. After 4 years in the game when she started out alone, she learned a ton of investment lessons and to be honest these lessons made her the successful expert, mentor, and trader that she is today. For the past 2 years, he has been teaching classes / organizing events to help the masses learn the tips / tricks / procedures of the trade and help them get out of the rat race and build generational wealth.

Jayde’s Jamming Snowball, a mobile snow cone stand, is one of his other businesses. She wanted to take a different route to learn how to make money work for her, and that’s when she decided to open this company. She talks about her crypto journey in summary: ‘I started doing crypto internships in Washington DC. I met with engineers, crypto coders, CEOs of popular Blockchain companies, hosting events, etc. This gave me a bigger picture of the investments made and inspired me to become a Morgan State Fintech Ambassador. It was after this that I started teaching my friends and family how to buy crypto. ‘

Through Jyade’s initiative and awareness in the world of cryptocurrencies, many people from their own groups and circles have taken the liberty of managing their own financial destiny through self-employment / cryptocurrency trading. After a moment, it would not make sense to do a 9 to 5 job because you would earn much more than you could earn in an 8 or 9 hour job every day. Jayde shares: ‘I will also continue to host conferences, events and meetings to empower others with my crypto expertise. I believe in passing the witness or the torch as I was once blessed. I believe in helping the next person in line. ‘

To learn more about Jayde Duncan’s entrepreneurial and crypto journey, don’t forget to check it out. Instagram.

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