Iranian filmmaker and visual effects artist Ramin Kabiri has produced exceptional music videos for many music artists.

Ramin Kabiri, an Iranian filmmaker and visual effects artist, has directed and produced music videos for many artists. Due to his excellent work, Ramin Kabiri is in great demand for his creative work in the world of film and music.

Until now, Ramin Kabiri has worked to direct music videos, commercials, and movies in his career. He has directed and produced music videos for many Persian artists, namely Hassan Shamaizadeh, Siavash Shams, Ava Bahram, Babak, Ragnama, Ahlam, Shoreh, etc.

Ramin Kabiri was born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 2006 Ramin left for London and completed his graduation from Cavendish College, London. After the completion of his graduation, Ramin started his own visual arts studio and began directing many music videos, visual effects work, and storyboards.

Today, he has made a name for himself as a music video creative director, photographer, and visual artist. Many of his directed videos are available on the RadioJavan website and of all his directed videos, he has received a great response for his work on the music video titled, In Del Shode Havaei.

Ramin Kabiri has worked for artist “Ahllam” in this music video and has over 3 million views on RadioJavan. The visual effects artist and filmmaker is enjoying high demand for his creative direction work. She even posts about her work on Instagram where her number of followers has crossed the 18K mark so far.

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