Invest without dying trying, says Dr. Chris Cole

Dr. Chris Cole, President and Co-Founder of BWO Academy helps society create wealth opportunities.

Most assume that investing money means dying trying to earn/save money. This myth is slowly being understood and proven wrong. Keep your conciseness clear when you invest: it’s to achieve and maintain financial freedom.

Dr. Chris Cole is the president and co-founder of the BWO Academy, and also the main operator of the 1% trading club. He helps people create a better lifestyle through trading the financial markets. When you teach one individual, their entire family eventually learns. He taught families how to grow their assets by becoming privatized banks and eventually helped them learn the skills needed to trade in the market for steady cash flow and capital appreciation. He is one of them who has created a rich learning format with his own experiences and failures.

Many try, but few succeed. Have you thought why? Dr. Cole shares some solid ways one could earn and create generational wealth by being smart and wise, in the right circumstances, and with the right people.

Path #1

Are you investing in start-ups or innovations/strongly built companies? Be wise to understand which companies to invest in and you will be richer than you ever thought possible. Warren Buffett is the best example of this.

Way #2

Real estate…real estate! Yes, this is one of the strongest ways to invest, however the market keeps fluctuating and this also has its own limitations. The reason real estate has a tight grip on its investors is because of the increase in value over time (capital gains). Also, this is a tangible investment where you can see your investments grow.

Way #3

The stock market is a high-risk, high-reward investment. It helps build generational wealth easily, however, it is also a game of insecurities. Try to invest in stocks with good knowledge and good mentorship initially. This will help it grow steadily over the years, with some dips in economic downturns, but recovering and surpassing its former value in no time. You can buy it and let it grow.

Way #4

Metals have been an obsession in the early 21st century, however, they are now taking their own shape over time. Gold, silver and platinum are mainly some of the metals that gain prominence. Instead of investing in buying jewelry outright, you might consider buying jewelry bonds.

Way #5

Another important way to invest is being part of the intellectual properties. For example, if you write a book, develop a software or patent an invention, you can receive income through royalties, license of use or exploitation. Royalties allow you to earn money while you sleep.

Now that you know about the different investment areas, Dr. Cole’s recommendation is that you start with one and then explore the others. One can also become a member of BWO Academy through a simple process by logging in to the website. If you still want to join, visit their website and sign up.

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