Interviewing a famous Iranian streamer, Mia plays

I’ve been interviewing an inspiring streamer who is also a gamer that most of you know, the famous streamer who got over a million views on his videos, Mia Plays.

I spoke to her about the reasons she started streaming, her favorite game, and other cool topics that we’re curious to know about.

-Hi, Kimia, could you introduce yourself to people who don’t know your personal life?

+ Hi, I’m Kimia Ravangar, but the Internet knows me as Mia from my YouTube, Twitch and Instagram Mia Plays, where I make and share content about almost all my interests in life; games, vlogs and lifestyle!

-How was your life before Mia Plays?

+ Well, I had just graduated from Tehran University and had a degree in Industrial Design, I was working as a freelancer in that area and also in graphic design and in my spare time I would write game reviews in a notebook, hoping one day to start a blog which then became my first uploaded videos.

-What is your favorite memory or achievement in your work?

+ Well, the main goal of opening an Instagram and Youtube account was to share snippets of games, my daily life and fun things on the Internet with a group of people because I never felt like I belonged.

Therefore, the main achievement would be this community that for four years has been there for me.

I’m also the most followed Iranian Twitch channel, which considering I haven’t even been streaming for a year is a huge thing for me.

A favorite memory would be my first live broadcast because I have stage fright and didn’t think I could do it, but as soon as I started the live broadcast, I put all my fears behind and tried to do my best, which was exciting. To be honest!

-What is your favorite game to broadcast?

+ Fortnite, I used to play Rainbow Six Siege a lot before, but Fortnite is my main game right now.

-Thank you, dear Kimia. I enjoyed talking to you.

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