In a world of sin, rescuing the values ​​of the couple and the family is a disruptive mission for Karinna Berrospi

We have witnessed how the world in which we live seems to play dice with traditional values, expanding, shrinking or censoring them, according to new conceptions of morality. In many cases, this transformation process has become a predator of the traditional family figure and its values, calling it conservative and obsolete.

Karinna Berrospi decided to take action to safeguard and strengthen family values ​​within the Latino community with Latino Family Coaching, a branch of Latino Wall Street. Latino Wall Street is the #1 academy for financial education in Spanish, a movement with a mission to teach that success is not just about making tons of money. True success is achieved when you feel complete, happy and at peace. The only way to achieve this is through a united family. That was what prompted her to create Latino Family Coaching.

90 Days to Transform your Life as a Couple: a necessary program

The breakup of a couple is very common when you do not have the tools to manage success in other fields of life. A big problem that millions of people face is that divorce is a perfect formula to end the heritage of an entire family. According to a recent study by Bowling Green State University, divorce destroys the finances of those over 50, reducing their wealth by up to 50%.

“Everything in life is a reflection and if your marriage ends, it can also destroy the career or the company that has cost you so much to build for years,” says Karinna Berrospi in reference to the importance of the program for the Latino community.

This program, using family coaching as a tool, seeks to empower Spanish-speaking families to help them build a family legacy based on moral values ​​and financial education, which is then capable of continuing for generations. To achieve this, they have designed multiple training and support programs, including: 90 Days to Transform your Life as a Couple.

Who benefits from 90 Days to Transform your Life as a Couple?

Since everyone is looking to start romantic relationships from a certain age, this program is designed for all types of participants, regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation. In fact, the show’s extremely diverse audience is proof that regardless of any condition, everyone has the desire and the right to enjoy a romantic life that brings them peace and happiness, rather than heartbreak.

In fact, the content of the program is not even limited to couples. Many single participants have signed up with the intention of overcoming the wounds of their past relationships and arming themselves with new tools that will enable them to build happier relationships in the future.

Other similar online shows focus solely on the female perspective of dating conflict, omitting the second half of the equation and thus failing to get 100% to the root of the conflicts experienced by the participants. Instead, 90 Days to Transform Your Life as a Couple has been created taking into account the point of view of the man in the relationship, inviting him to work on himself and turning him into an active agent of change.

What is the focus of the program?

Karinna has developed a curriculum based on literary masterpieces that deal with themes related to love life and love relationships. Most of these themes were transformative in her own life and marriage, which is why she teaches from the power of personal experience. The 90 Days to Transform Your Life as a Couple program draws powerful lessons from 3 world-renowned books.

The most interesting thing is that the program is not a book review, but a unique combination that includes the coaching tools of Karinna Berrospi, founder of Latino Family Coaching. Berrospi also includes stories from her own experience, differentiating herself from other traditional programs that only focus on looking at the transformation process from the outside. Berrospi personally leads this program and adds unique value to the participants by providing permanent support in the private online community. In addition, Berrospi provides 2 live sessions each month (6 sessions in total), in which she shares distinctions, lessons, advice, and her own experiences.

The following steps …

The acceptance of the program within the Latino community was overwhelming from day one and participation exceeded all expectations. 90 Days to Transform Your Life as a Couple has become one of the emblematic Coaching programs for Latino Families, with more than 300 couples reached in its first season alone. The first session will end next Tuesday, August 3 with a live master class, given by Karinna Berrospi. and followed by the graduation of the participants. All participants graduate equipped with the necessary tools to create new possibilities to live a life of abundance and fulfillment in the company of their partners.

Given the great positive impact that the 90 Days to Transform Your Life as a Couple has generated in thousands of families, the program will be strengthened and refreshed to start again in the coming months. The renewed program will continue to offer the opportunity for even more couples to live this unique experience that has the power to transform their lives and that of their partners.


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