If you work hard on music, no one can stop you from having a better tomorrow, says Kc Seedpuriya

Music is an art form, but it has a different meaning for everyone. For some, music is a source of entertainment or peace, but for others it is their life. A dedicated musician dedicates himself to this art, many try but it takes dedication and perseverance which most people usually lack and ultimately fail at it. But some people become so connected to music that they just can’t be separated from it for even a moment.

KC Seedpuriya is one of the best Indian singers who is pursuing his dream in the Haryanvi music industry. KC Seedpuriya started his career as a singer in 2017. Starting to sing, KC Seedpuriya has a lot of passion for it and started something new. He combined Hindi with Haryanvi language in his songs, which is more understandable for the new generation, especially the foreign-born generation. He wants to inspire the next generation with his musical skills. Singing for me is my life. I can’t see anything other than this. I want to be a role model for people with my passion.

KC Seedpuriya has experienced both singing and acting, but when it comes to prioritizing one, it’s always singing for him. I always give priority to singing as in acting you need good skills which ultimately comes after you learn to be an actor and if I choose to sing I automatically get calls to act as well.

Bringing some change to the music industry, KC Seedpuriya says newcomers don’t get a chance and are often asked to commit if they want to work. I really want to change this as well. I really feel that people should acknowledge singing more and explore the industry more accurately.

He thinks that being independent is important to be successful. One of the best artist KC Seedpuriya has worked on various music videos including his latest hit song “Mera Ishq” to “Faqeer2” which was highly appreciated and loved by the fans of him. He has thousands of followers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Our India has a high rate of population due to lack of education. I believe in ‘Padhega India tabhi toh bhadega India’. Nowadays, if a boy/girl faces rejection, they give up. Instead, they should understand that you value your achievements more when you lose and then win.

If I have the opportunity of something like the ability to make a social change. It would help educate the women and girls of our nation. Today too, if I have to travel somewhere, my family is fine. At the same time, if my sister asks for the same thing, everyone comes out with a few ifs and buts. I want to change this scenario and mentality in the Indian society.


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