Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day that won’t go bad; Gift experiences that will take Pop’s breath away!

We love our dear dads, but let’s face it. Shopping for Father’s Day sucks. When you ask Dad what he wants on his special day, he usually mutters something like “I do not need anythingConsequently, we ended up buying him another electric razor, a T-shirt or a pack of 8 tube socks. Frankly, we’re tired of the tube sock scene and how many razors does a parent need anyway? That’s why we got down to business and started thinking about what Dad really wants for Father’s Day.

What is a gift experience?

Our research transported us to the magical land of the gift-giving experience. These are gifts that offer Dad an experience instead of another heartless mug that collects dust in the closet. We are talking about sensational and complete experiences that encourage smiles and are sure to manifest memories for a lifetime. Dad might even get so excited about the adventure you provided that he might want to make it a family tradition for every Father’s Day in the future!

The key to a highly successful experiential gift for dad is participating in his best interests. Is your dad a self-proclaimed chef? A Jack Nicklaus in your own mind? Maybe dad is a fan of gears and loves classic cars, or maybe fly fishing is his bag. You get the idea. Walk a mile in Daddy’s unwanted tube socks to get a taste of what he would love to explore or learn more about. In other words, don’t take him to a flower arranging party if you’d rather learn to identify edible mushrooms during a feeding expedition (yes, that’s a real thing, even for dads). Here are some very enthusiastic suggestions for those picky dads in your life that will improve your Father’s Day gift-giving game.

Glamping it Up: The old days when Daddy hooked up a pop-up trailer to the back of the truck for a camping weekend are long over. Sure, those were fond memories, but a sophisticated camper dad is looking for a more refined nature experience that doesn’t require him trudging through the woods with a roll of toilet paper to carry out his morning constitution. Icky! Enter the wonderful kingdom of glamping. This is a new era of camping that offers campers luxurious locations right in the heart of any desert you can imagine. A little research on glamping sites will open up a variety of unique yurts, accommodating cabins, and exciting tents in stunning settings that put the old pop-up tent to shame.

Crafty Beer Bursts!: To be clear, we’re not looking down on our beloved Lone Star beer, but today’s pickiest dads have cultivated their brewing tastes more toward finely crafted, custom-made beers. you could Wrap a ribbon around a 6-pack of craft beers and give it to Dad, but why stop there when you could treat him to an experiential beer adventure for Father’s Day? Think beyond the six-pack and give pop a tour of some of our best local craft breweries. Or better yet, enroll Dad in a craft brewing class so he can brew his own beers. Who knows, they might decide to pay upfront and make amazing beers for friends, family, or even yourself. We call that a beer voucher!

Culinary missions: If your dad wears the apron in the family, there are plenty of gift experiences in the kitchen world that he will love. We’re not talking about giving her a gift basket of hot sauces or dry salves (though that could be great too) … we’re talking about over the top, stylish home cooking experiences. Texans love our barbecues, and so do many dads. So why not kick off this Father’s Day barbecue by exposing your spatula-wielding dad to the joys of fancy outdoor kitchens? Do some research on luxury outdoor cooking and you will find that these are superior builds that allow your pop to create the ultimate culinary delights that will delight friends and family invited to any backyard party. If building an outdoor kitchen isn’t an ideal experiential gift for Dad, then consider taking Dad on a comprehensive food tour in Houston. These are select culinary experiences that are sure to satisfy Dad’s appetite for creative cuisine.

Whichever direction you decide to go with dad gift experiences, we hope these ideas inspire you to ditch your tube socks and start thinking in terms of full-bodied adventures for dad this Father’s Day. We know you’ll love the thought and research you’ve put into it, and you’ll appreciate being immersed in a new experience that will make you smile from ear to ear. Happy Father’s Day!

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