Iconic pop artist, Gigi Vega’s new single, “Watchu Tryna Do?” it’s a mix of upbeat sound and pop music

Billboard recording artist Gigi Vega is establishing her name as a singer, songwriter, young influencer, dancer, and storyteller. In a limited time, the pop artist has created a stir with her musical works that break the mold of the genre. She made her debut with an urban dance song, Mariah-Carey-flair, “MISTLETOE KISS,” which she released for Christmas 2020, and was chosen to be part of the soundtrack to a 2020 Netflix Christmas movie.

Now, Gigi Vega has created her new pop single, “Watchu Tryna Do?” which is getting a strong response in the entertainment world. He released the new single on January 22, 2021 and has currently reached No. 50 on the 40 radio charts and 37 on the AC radio charts. In addition, it has taken the number 26 spot on the iTunes R&B charts.

The music video for the single was released in mid-February and has garnered more than 1.5 million views. Plays on MTVU and MTVpop. It is a pop song suitable for those who enjoy pop, party, and dance music. His lyrics can fill anyone with a sense of enjoyment. The dance video, featuring just Gigi, will be released on May 5.

Gigi Vega wrote the single before the Covid-19 pandemic and has included the essence of the climate created due to the pandemic. The multi-talented pop artist is also a professional dancer and choreographer, who has participated in many theatrical performances.

“Watchu Tryna Do?” It is full of different emotions and can make a person move on the dance floor by listening to their dance rhythms. Gigi Vega’s previous single, “MISTLETOE KISS,” also received a positive response in the digital world. He has over 15k TikTok videos and 10 million views.

It ranked third on the iTunes Dance charts and ranked 27 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary (AC) charts. Gigi Vega has a brilliant career in the music world and it shows in her exceptional pop songs.

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