Hunter Johnson, Dark Prince of the Internet

How the computer mastermind earned his name and took the internet by storm.

What started out as a 13-year-old computer prodigy turning his passion into an idea has grown into an online empire led by one of the internet’s smartest businessmen. Hunter Johnson has single-handedly and successfully built a multi-million dollar business at the age of 24. Hunter began designing video games as a teenager and it was immediately apparent that he had a unique gift. In fact, one of the first games Hunter created racked up over 1 million users and generated over half a million dollars when he was 20 years old. It also garnered more than 50 million views on YouTube thanks to influencer marketing. Although very impressive, let alone for someone as young as Hunter, this was just the beginning.

It’s safe to say that Hunter’s computer skills paid off at a young age, but what would come just a few years later took his career and lifestyle to the next level. So what made him a billionaire? It starts with your programming skills. Hunter wrote an artificial intelligence trading program called $ oteria. From there, he entered the field of information aggregation, a field in which he is still having great success to this day. In fact, Hunter created an algorithm to compile everything on the Internet about a certain person. Essentially, the technology brands users to deliver targeted advertisements.

Johnson’s algorithm collects everything, including social profiles, past addresses, phone numbers, emails, criminal records, and can identify personal interests. You are currently providing this as a service, which is successfully generating you over $ 700,000 per month in subscription revenue alone. When it comes to his own business endeavors, Hunter has been very successful in using his own algorithm to his advantage. He is known for identifying profitable business models, mimicking them with precision, and then using his expertise in artificial intelligence to create marketing campaigns targeting his ideal audience. Hence, take your competitors’ clients for yourself.

Is this a morally sound business? Some would think not; however, it has led Hunter to great success in just a few years. Hence the nickname he has created for himself: The Dark Prince of the Internet. So how did you get into this line of entrepreneurship in the first place? According to Hunter, he read about a man who was able to outperform Facebook in his early years by offering similar subscription-based services.

“The attractive part of this business is because it is so technologically intensive, that the barrier to entry for other competitors is incredibly high once I enter the space and raise the prices of the ads,” says Hunter. “Beyond that, once everything is set up, the business runs as a fully automated system. At this point, I could die and my company would continue to process millions of dollars in sales throughout the year. “

A company that does all the work for you once it’s built and launched? That doesn’t sound so bad. While it may be a controversial endeavor, we will surely see more of Hunter in the near future. He’s certainly not afraid to go to bat with his competition, and he won’t back down until he comes out on top with another win.

“I am the dark prince of the Internet, a computer prodigy, and now I will come for your business.”

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