How Zeelix is ​​succeeding musically independently

Ontario, Canada, is the home of young rapper and R&B artist Zeelix. He began creating music on his own in 2012 after being exposed to it from a young age. His pastor mother and piano-playing father raised him singing and playing drums in church, and his passion for singing led them to encourage Zeelix to use his voice. In the past two years, passion has turned into a serious endeavor for Zeelix, spawning thousands of streams across platforms.

Zeelix is ​​currently Independent, but this does not prevent it from succeeding within the industry. In his interview, Zeelix related that “My greatest achievement as a musician is that thousands of people listen to my music, when I did not even think I would have one.” He also mixes and masters all his own music in his studio. He revealed that he has invested a great deal of money to make quality music and learn how to edit, mix and master.

Connecting with an audience is crucial as artists establish themselves, and Zeelix is ​​doing just that. He explained: “I want to reach an audience that can connect with my music and relate to the stories and lyrics that I write. I’m quite diverse with each song, so of course I want people to vibrate and enjoy the music with the beats, but also relate to the lyricism on an emotional level. “The message that Zeelix brings with his music is profound. , and this is clear when he states that “I have healed and continue to heal through the music I make.” Music can bring beauty and understanding to challenging situations, a reality that Zeelix is ​​well aware of, and hopes that his art will continue. arriving more and more as your career grows in the industry.

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