How What The Fab’s Elise Armitage Went From Google To Blogging Full-Time

Hailing from the halls of Google, Elise Armitage decided to change her career path from the secure corporate lifestyle to taking a chance on something she loved and still loves: blogging. Starting her career at a boutique communication agency in San Francisco, Armitage wrote about blogs, email newsletters and press releases. While she was enjoying what she was doing, this day job made her realize that perhaps blogging would suit her talents and interests as well. Before working at Google, Elise launched her blog, What the Fab.

And she never looked back.

Simultaneously, while working at Google, job branding, and events, Armitage was working on her rush side: building her brand and blog. For years she spent her nights and weekends writing about fashion and beauty. Six and a half years ago, she decided to take a chance and make blogging his full-time job. “It took a lot of discipline and prioritization — I had to miss out on a lot of spontaneous happy hours because I had blog posts to write at night,” Armitage explained. He was challenging and exhausting at times, but he loved what he was doing.

From Google to blogs

Armitage felt so ready to make this professional leap into blogging full-time because she saw the potential in What the Fab. When she left Google, she expected to take a financial hit, but surprisingly, Elise made more than she did at Google. Her main sources of income were through sponsored campaigns with brand partners, ad revenue on my website, and affiliate links. From time to time, she did 1:1 consulting for other brands looking to up their social media and SEO game.

Armitage is thankful for her small core community of other bloggers. He has found support from other people in the same situation and has been able to share the transparency of the business. She has relied on these groups to help her shift her value and gain the confidence to turn down opportunities that didn’t align with her brand or finances.

What The Fab goes beyond blogs

Armitage has become passionate about sharing his knowledge and the inside scoop he has learned with others as he becomes more familiar with the blogging business. She has become passionate about encouraging women to be transparent and open about talking about real numbers, money, negotiation tactics, and other topics that may initially seem taboo.

Armitage not only enjoys the business side of blogging, but there are also some perks he’s been able to experience and new territory to explore. “I’ve had some exciting travel opportunities through press trips and working with restaurants and hotels.” A trip to the Portgual wine region has also been planned for your enjoyment. And this wanderlust has had a lot to offer even, during the pandemic, while stuck at home in California: Elise was able to explore more home inspiration blog posts and share insights on the process of decorating a home for your readers.

Her next venture into the blogging industry is to showcase and leverage the strengths and diversity of her group of travel bloggers, Babes That Wander. She and several bloggers saw the need for more tourism brands and groups to work with POC and “outlier” bloggers. The feedback they have been receiving has been positive.

“I’m very proud of the travel and lifestyle content I create, but I’m also very proud of the fact that I make it a point to discuss important social issues and share resources with my readers.” Armitage will continue to disrupt the blogging community by showcasing the diversity within the community and talking about social issues rather than just fashion, beauty, and travel. She is the real deal, and her readers and subscribers see it daily.

Author: Carly Orris is a freelance writer and publisher based in New York. Her writing focuses on female empowerment, travel, entertainment, and lifestyle. Find her on Instagram at @carlyorris

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