How Vi City handles the stress and burnout of the music industry

Vi City is an American rapper, songwriter, writer, and producer who has thrived in the music industry. Some of his credits include writing “CNF” with Nelly, co-writing and appearing on “Some Ish” with Sir Michael Rocks on his debut album # 1 Bank, and co-producing tracks for Young Money with producer Rich Skillz.

Although he has devoted himself to music and rap his entire life, this has not been without its challenges. Vi City says it hasn’t always been easy to get people to take the time to listen to his music, but that constant dedication and focus have been the key to his success.

It also offers some of the ways you deal with stress and burnout that is often common in the music industry. Vi City says exercising, meditating and solo trips to the movies have been key to his staying stress-free.

Vi City also takes a moment to reflect on its success and emphasizes the importance of believing and investing in yourself. Through this mindset, Vi City feels that it has benefited enormously and states that, “if we keep working, eventually the job will get done.”

For updates, follow Vi City on Instagram @iamvicity.

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