How Trenia Norford helps people connect and build relationships that matter

Love is a strong and inspiring emotion that people all over the world hope to encounter and experience when they get the chance. But with seven billion people around the world and various factors that could affect the decision to choose a life partner, finding the right person may not be an easy task.

That’s where Trenia Norford comes in.

For as long as she can remember, Trenia has always been in love with love. Now, she is on the path of helping people find their way to happiness, which has always been her passion.

With Connectricity, an experienced and exciting professional matchmaking service under the supervision of Trenia, more people have the opportunity to make important connections.

catering to connections

As a professional and personalized boutique matchmaking firm, Connectricity lives up to its name by serving professionals interested in relationships across the country.

Professionals, particularly those with grueling schedules or demanding workplaces, struggle to find meaningful connections. But with Trenia at the helm, Connectricity has shown great success in connecting people and helping them find love.

Since 2012, he has been helping single professionals enjoy the dating process and get the results they want in a short amount of time.

“I have worked with hundreds of singles for 10 years with an 87 percent success rate. I define success as someone entering into a committed, long-term relationship as a result of my introduction,” Trenia said.

Realizing your passion

Despite being in love with love, Trenia did not start her career by pursuing her passions. She started her career in the publishing industry before moving into finance. But finally, her love pushed her to create Connectricity.

“After giving birth to my first child, I longed for a more work-life balance where I could do something I was passionate about while not having to leave my son with a babysitter while I work long hours and then go back to work. home to just spend an hour with him before bed,” she said.

Trenia then decided to turn matchmaking, a hobby she’s been doing for years, into a real business. Thus, Connectricity was born.

But even though the decision to end her successful 20-year career in the corporate world to start working as a full-time matchmaker proved challenging for Trenia at first, she didn’t give up what she loved to do so she could be with the people you love. and help others find love too.

For more information visit Connectivity on Instagram.

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