How to Password Protect Your Student Assignments

Internet security is a major concern. Businesses and individuals who send documents attached to emails are legitimately concerned about the privacy of those documents.

With the rise of virtual meetings and education, there are more reasons for an easy, fast, and reliable way to protect document files sent over the Internet.

For remote learning, submit assignments in PDF format and password protect them. Converting your document to PDF ensures its integrity.

Protecting it with a password ensures that only the person you are sending the document to can open it.

Password protect your confidential documents

To send a document file over the Internet, in an email, or through a portal to a business or school, make sure you know how to password protect a PDF before hitting send.

One way is to upload your document file into the Protect PDF application provided FREE for one-time trial by Adobe.

Follow these instructions to upload and protect your PDF with a password:

Click on the link provided above. Upload a file and set a password that users must enter to view your PDF. Submit the password-protected PDF file by clicking the “Share” button at the top right of the page. A page with options will open. Click “Share with others”, add email addresses where indicated, add a message if necessary. You can also make the password expire on a specific date and time. Click “Add Deadline” and choose a date for the password to expire. An “Expiration” message will show the expiration day and time. You can only add a deadline by checking the “Allow comments” box. Click “Submit”.

To password protect a PDF with Adobe Acrobat X Pro, follow these steps:

With your PDF open, select “Tools”. Select “Protection” and then “Encrypt”. Choose “Encrypt with password”. Choose “Yes” when asked if you want to change security. Click the box to request a password to open the document. Enter a strong password and click “OK”.

Convert Word Document to PDF and Password Protect

The steps to follow to export an Office document to a PDF file are as follows:

Click on the “File” menu button. Select “Export”. Click “Create PDF / XPS Document”. Click the “Options” button on the “Publish as PDF or XPS” page. Check the box “Encrypt the document with a password” and click “OK”. Enter your password and click “OK”. Click “Publish”.

It is only allowed to open the PDF by entering the correct password. Keep your password safe, as there is no way to recover it if you forget it.

Viewing and Editing with Adobe Acrobat

The editing steps will vary slightly depending on the version of Adobe Acrobat you are using. The following instructions for editing the text in your document apply to Adobe Acrobat X Pro:

Open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Select “Tools”, then select “Edit Document Text” under “Contents”. Select the text to change and write your text. Save the file

If you can’t edit your PDF, you may have opened it in Adobe Reader.

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