How to Effectively Use Car Decals for Small Business Advertising

Vehicle decals that come in a variety of shapes and sizes can be a powerful marketing tool to increase brand awareness and generate business inquiries. However, like any marketing tool, you need to understand how to implement it the right way to get the most benefit and return on investment. Some helpful tips:

keep it simple

It is important to note that most people will see vehicle decals when they are in motion or the vehicle is on. Restricting the amount of detail on the label will make it more readable, although it can be tempting to include too much information to impress your target audience. It’s why, even for full vehicle wraps, the focus is usually on eye-catching graphics with a bright color scheme to catch the eye and the company name and logo along with phone numbers and website address. It’s a good idea to keep both the design and the content as simple as possible to ensure that people can read, understand and retain what you have to say. Complicated designs on car stickers should be avoided at all costs.

Focus on the color palette of your brand logo

When there’s a chance that many people on the road won’t be able to read the content of the label, it may be a good idea to adopt a color scheme that resonates with your brand logo. It will help people associate the tag with your business even if they can’t see your logo on the vehicle or read your business name. With repeated use, even your brand logo will become more recognizable and help boost your brand visibility. Make sure you understand the psychological impact of the colors you are using and whether they are a good fit for your business niche. According to Forbes, color plays a very important role in how the audience perceives a brand.

Impress even from a distance

The label design should be such that it looks appealing and resonates with your brand, even from a distance that is not conducive for people to read the text. However, you should try to keep the design uncomplicated so that the graphics or image does not make the text difficult to read even from a distance. Keep the message as short as possible so you can use the available space to increase the font size to make it easier to read. However, both the design and the size of the text must be consistent with the size of the sticker and appear disproportionate.


The design of the sticker must take into account the place where it will be placed. For example, a bumper sticker will be different from a sticker that will be affixed to the windshield. The best stickers make the most of the space and the areas most exposed to passers-by. Keeping these tips in mind when using vinyl car decals to promote your business can help make them more effective.

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