How the pandemic prompted Susan Carabello to find her purpose as a mindset coach

Many of you may not know Susan Carabello. She is new to the field of mindset coaching, but her lack of experience can be made up for in the way she approaches her business and gets results for her clients. Her gift for teaching people about changing perspectives is exceptional and she receives continual praise for her easy and effortless approach to coaching. But her path to coaching was not a straight line and her transformation from make-up artist to mindset coach makes her story interesting and inspiring.

Life as a makeup artist

Susan started her career as a makeup artist in 2014 and achieved great success in a short time. Working in the fields of fashion, entertainment, and corporate America, she was continually hired and in demand. She is an award-winning makeup artist who receives accolades from Wedding Wire, Bucks County’s event list, as well as being named Morrisville’s Best for 2019 and 2020. Then Covid-19 hit and her career ground to a halt.

the pivot

At the height of the pandemic and most of her makeup clients were working from home, her job as a makeup artist was put on hold indefinitely. She noted: “I recognized during the first few months of the pandemic that makeup was not a necessity and I was being called upon to continue serving others, but not in the way I had planned.” With time to reflect, he recalls: “Coaching was calling. Helping others stay positive during a time of uncertainty was a determining factor. I didn’t find coaching, but the coach found me.”

Although her makeup business recovered, she decided to focus on advising clients full-time, and her risk and her career have paid off.

mind training

Susan is now a mindset, manifestation, and empowerment coach, using her intuitive guidance to help coach her clients to success. His 3-step approach to changing the way you think makes it easy to understand and even easier to apply.

His 3-step approach uses the following principles: Purpose; Vision and Gratitude. She points out that “Everything we do in life should be done with purpose, with purpose, with vision, and with gratitude. When you have a goal and apply these principles, watch what happens in your life.”

Purpose is the determining factor, he says. “We all have a purpose in life. It is our job to discover our purpose and share it with the world.” This is where the mental training begins. Susan helps her clients set inspiring and achievable goals that make them feel good.

“When a goal feels good, you are setting the intention with God, the Universe, or whatever you create, that you want to experience this in your life.” And when you visualize your goal, feel it and believe it, the faster it will come to your experience.

Susan has transformed her own life with these mindset skills and shares her knowledge with her clients, friends, and others. She is also a writer, an upcoming author, and a motivational speaker who works to share her message that mindset is everything. You can follow Susan on Instagram at @Beonebeautifulsoul.

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