How Tessabella Jelten is disrupting the real estate industry!

born different

For any young entrepreneur to succeed in a field always full of competitors, it takes talent, courage and, perhaps most importantly, the drive to succeed. When 25-year-old real estate powerhouse Tessabella Jelten was just 18, her bank account showed a negative balance of thirty-six cents. But she had decided long before that her future would not include the poverty she had known in childhood. “As a child, I knew a few things about myself early on: First, she was very competitive and I loved being the best,” she recalls. “Second, I never felt like I fit in, and while that may sound like the beginning of a sad story, I think it was a gift from God to pursue opportunities far beyond the limits of even my own imagination. The desire for success began when I was very young and dreamed of building a life much better than the hand I was given.”

Building a Better Future

So that’s what Tessabella set out to do. Armed with an interest in remodeling homes and the courage to stare obstacles in the face without flinching, she built a real estate empire in Arizona that surpassed $23 million in sales in a single calendar year, continuing to work alongside many of her idols from television and eventually led to a lucrative partnership with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. But her journey, as she says, has been more flops than flips. “I could probably go on for hours listing the limitless number of challenges I’ve faced throughout my journey so far, but I honestly think everyone could,” she begins. “The biggest challenge any entrepreneur, especially a young entrepreneur, will face is what goes on between your own ears, it is the war against your own mind. You will have to constantly fight your own self-doubt, your own impostor syndrome, and the version of yourself that asks you if you really want this as much as you say you do.”

a seat at the table

From such impossible beginnings, Tessabella’s rise and achievements have made her proud. “As a young woman, she may face additional episodes of self-doubt, discouragement, or disqualification,” she explains. “I am proud of my accolades and achievements thus far, because I have earned a name for myself, not only as a female entrepreneur, but as a tenacious, solution-oriented and absolutely unwavering young entrepreneur.” Money, influential clients, and continued success are wonderful, but she Tessabella says the most rewarding is a more intangible pride. “More than anything, I’ve kept showing up and taking my seat at the table,” she says. “The reality is that anything you can imagine is within your grasp, you just have to be relentless, dedicated and obsessed with bringing it into your realm of reality.”

quiet tessabella

In between her 12-week high-paced strategic goal sessions, Tessabella enjoys anything that helps her relax and reboot. “Some of my favorite things to do are bike riding, golf, yoga, long runs, painting, drawing, and playing guitar,” she lists. “Pretty much anything that allows me to disconnect from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of work, and really just be.”

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