How Telemedicine Can Improve Your Health Care

Technological advances continue to make life easier every day. In the medical field, telemedicine advances healthcare, making it easier and more convenient. You can access telemedicine in Deerfield Beach, FL, at Soffer Health Institute, directly contact Ariel Soffer, MD, FACC, a board certified cardiologist. This means you can get your cardiovascular evaluations, primary care and vein consultation one on one through the latest virtual technologies. This will bring incredible benefits, as explained in this document.

Saves you additional time and costs

Under normal circumstances, when you have to travel to the hospital for your appointments, you have transportation time and bear some additional costs while traveling. With telemedicine, you can easily see your doctor from the comfort of your home or office on your computer or mobile device. You can save money that you would otherwise have spent on public transportation, gas, or parking. Even better, it saves the time you would have used traveling where you were at high risk of running into a traffic jam, being late for your appointment, or returning to work.

You don’t have to miss work

Sometimes seeking medical attention can interfere with your daily activities where you must take a day off to visit your doctor. However, since you can talk to your provider via video, you can comfortably do so during your break without taking the day off. Telemedicine allows you to talk to your doctor anywhere you think there is enough privacy. Therefore, you will not have to waste your valuable paid time seeking medical care. You can maintain your health and work at the same time.

Spend less time in the waiting room

Many people seek medical care every day, and you will not be the only one on your provider’s appointment list. When you go to the doctor’s office, all you have to do is spend some time looking at old magazines while you wait for your turn. Fortunately, you will avoid all of this, as you can arrange a suitable time with your provider, and they will see you from wherever you are. Additionally, a provider offering telemedicine eliminates waiting room congestion by treating some patients from home.

Prevents the spread of infectious diseases

Telemedicine offers the opportunity to slow the spread of diseases like the flu and COVID-19. Your provider can pre-screen you for possible infectious diseases, and if you are infected, you may not have to go to the clinic, where it could increase the risk to other patients and your provider. This is essential, as it protects people with chronic diseases and the elderly, pregnant or immunosuppressed from exposure to germs.

Improve evaluations

Telemedicine offers a significant opportunity for different providers to assess your medical condition and necessary risk factors. For example, your provider will be able to see you in your normal environment, which will contribute to some of your complications. This means that they can pick up some clues from their environment and know how to diagnose your condition. Also, your provider can assess your ability to care for yourself at home.

Telemedicine has improved healthcare in the ways mentioned above. For more information on how you can benefit from the service, contact Soffer Health Institute today.

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