How Shinjini Das uses social media to motivate struggling youth

Social media is the enemy of motivation, right? The more time we spend commuting, the less time we spend doing things that matter. At least, that’s what people keep saying. But is this really true? Yes, spending all your time playing video games is not good for you, but what if you spent a few hours a day playing only those games that improve cognitive functions like memory and problem solving? Social networks can also benefit our motivation.

Of course, hours of mindless scrolling will do nothing to instill in us a sense of purpose or desire to do the things we love. But what if we were picky about the content we consume and limited our time using social media?

Shinjini Das is the founder and CEO of Das Media Group, a media company where she advocates for people who strive for their goals and are ambitious enough to make their dreams come true through media content marketing. motivational in real time. Her social media platforms reach over 15 million visits per month from entrepreneurs around the world each month and she is passionate about providing motivation through her media content.

Shinjini’s social media following via @SpeakerShinjini comprises more than 500,000, many of whom identify as struggling youth in impoverished countries such as Africa, Latin America and Asia. Shinjini consistently advocates for their #GoGetters in poverty-stricken countries by encouraging their entrepreneurs to keep going despite structural barriers. Young entrepreneurs in Nigeria are finishing law school with his encouragement. Young people in the Philippines are motivated to get their first job thanks to their motivation.

By posting over 100 pieces of content daily on @SpeakerShinjini, Das Media Group is able to reach its target audience: those looking to build career paths towards financial independence in disadvantaged countries. Shinjini uses content and strategic advice to motivate these dreamers to become entrepreneurs and establish action plans to achieve their goals.

Shinjini is also an amazing motivational speaker and author. At just 26 years old, he published his first memoir, Unapologetically Shinjini, in hopes that all the ups and downs he’s experienced in life will help others not only navigate their own experiences, but also identify important life lessons you can learn from them. Her 26-year-old memoir and her speaking engagements have inspired thousands of struggling youth in Africa, Latin America, and Asia to become entrepreneurs by starting businesses, landing their first job, and developing a positive mindset.

The Das Media Group also focuses on creating meaningful content to not only monetize your message, but also create an impact with your audience. Serving B2B, B2C, platform-based and D2C clients who need a content execution and content marketing strategy to market their messages to specific media target audiences with monetization ROI metrics.

Shinjini and his team are changing not only the way companies market, but also the way we consume social media by creating content with meaning. To become a #GoGetter, follow @SpeakerShinjini today to start getting your daily dose of motivation.

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