How realizing her strength in writing became the beginning of a promising career for Irene Vitruk

Irene Vitruk started her career as a social media manager, gradually gaining experience in copywriting. Her responsibility in this role is to create content for clients, and in doing so, she was also able to implement her skills in writing captions and story posts.

“Since every client is different, I was able to try different things like video editing, website design, and email writing,” said Irene.

The opportunity to write for clients was what allowed her to delve into copywriting and learn the ins and outs of it. After a while of managing social networks, Irene realized that writing was her forte and she enjoyed it.

“Once the time was right, I moved into copywriting full time, which I do today and love it!” she shared

Writing your own legacy

Irene specifically chose a career in copywriting because of how much she enjoyed it, especially since she believes in working at a job that she loves doing.

“After all, you spend about 30% of your life working and I want to enjoy that 30% as much as I can. Writing is something I love, and I am also able to help others achieve success in their businesses through my work,” she said.

Now that she has transitioned into copywriting full time, Irene has also fulfilled a family dream of working for herself.

“My family is full of entrepreneurs, so I grew up seeing the freedom that being your own boss gave you. I have watched my parents and older siblings start and grow their own businesses, and I always knew I wanted to do the same,” shared Irene.

just doing it

Irene is inspired by the popular quote “Just do it” because it’s what helped make her the writer she is today.

“Sometimes when I’m not sure how to do something, I just tell myself to do it and learn as I go. I gained a lot of knowledge just by doing it, and it really helped me improve my skill level dramatically,” he said.

Going forward, Irene is determined to keep investing and getting better at what she does. In this way, she can help grow more businesses and build stronger, more authentic relationships with her audience by providing them with a higher quality of service.

“It’s not just about what I can do for myself, but now I can really serve my clients and help them achieve their goals with the help of someone who understands them,” said Irene.

Learn more about Irene Vitruk through her instagram page.

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