How Peter Szabo went from a bankrupt 11-year-old to earning more than his country’s president

You can see how much a person has improved by looking at where they started. Peter Szabo when he was a kid, he didn’t have much. He did not grow up in a family that had a fortune or a secure enough financial status to say that they lived comfortably. Szabo didn’t even have enough money to buy $ 50 sneakers, but he had nothing. What he had was a “can do” attitude that led to him making millions after a couple of years of hard work.

Who was Peter Szabo

At age 11, Peter Szabo’s parents took out loans and put all their eggs in one basket by investing in an MLM company in hopes of a better financial future, but it didn’t turn out as they expected, instead he went south, what that led to bankruptcy. Fortunately, he and his family still had a roof over their heads and food on the table. Peter Szabo’s family was an average Slovak household, which meant his parents never made more than $ 600 a month, so with loan repayments, he put them in an even tighter situation. They never had the luxury of owning a car or going on vacation for a week a year, but their perspective changed after watching a movie called “The Secret.”

Where everything began

The film did not reveal the big secret of success, but for an 11-year-old it was enough to get inspired. With blind courage, he went ahead and Googled “how to make money online” in hopes of winning to ease some of the burdens on his parents. Initially, he was earning 3-4 cents a day clicking ads through pay-per-click websites and it took him months to earn just one dollar. He tried to find other ways to offer his services and earn more than a dollar in more than a month. He sold services on Fiverr, did email and social media marketing. He went from making $ 1 a day to $ 10 a day and eventually $ 100 a day to starting a Facebook ad agency at just 17 years old and scaling it to $ 1.2 million a year by age 19. During that time, already are more. more than 300 clients from smaller to larger companies in a wide variety of industries generating tens of millions of dollars combined.

More than dollar signs

With his years in business, he realized that improvement does not only apply to business but also to personal development. Peter Szabo felt he was missing a deeper meaning and purpose. Seeing that psychology, neurology, and human performance became his passions, he set out on a mission to help a billion people build the lives they love because, as cliche as it may sound, he truly believed that helping the individual is the key to Making the world a better place. It had to start somewhere, of course, and it already has. So far, he has documented over 2000 success stories on What Source Hacker does with Memory Flipping helps generate not only income but also impact. It is the perfect marriage between profit and passion. Peter Szabo believes that it is not about being generous or greedy. He thinks that the symbiosis and synergy of both is the key to long-term, sustainable and satisfying success. With this, he built a business that fulfills a mission bigger than him.

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