How online media can pave the way for music moguls

Peter Coissy shows how today more than ever, it makes sense to use online media to become the next big thing in the music industry.

Gone are the days when musical artists recorded demos and distributed them to their fans. Global musicians are starting to perform live after COVID-19 banned them from the stage for more than a year. Online media is not just another medium today. In fact, it is the most powerful. Today, many artists are looking to do more live streaming shows to bring their music to the masses. But there is more to online media than just live video streaming. To become a true music mogul, you must have an established online media presence.

Peter Coissy, a new generation music mogul, executive producer, director and entrepreneur is the next generation rising star. Who better than Peter can tell us better about how you leverage online media to succeed.

As the owner of the Kinggkong Records music brand, Peter creates music that helps people in their daily lives. He is the Megaprimatus Kong in the making! He believes that in music, more than in any other industry, the artist needs to have an online presence. Read on to find out what Peter suggests to emerging artists to build their personality online.

Focus on social media

Remember: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and those social media platforms are your best friends. As music artists, how you build your social media handlers and your online presence matters. Go live, engage with your audience, Peter recommends. He also suggests taking the time to figure out a social media strategy that suits you. Every music genre and niche is different. You need to find out what works best for you. Not just for reaching potential fans, social media is a great platform for interacting with fellow artists. You can foster great global collaborations and build a strong network.

Creation and management of online reputation

Besides social media, there are several other online media that you can use to build your identity. Peter recommends the following focus areas for all musicians and artists:

-Create pages of music streaming platforms (Spotify, GooglePlay, SoundCloud, etc.)

-Have an official website (updated with your bio, photos, tour information and press)

-National and international coverage on online media platforms.

-Get reviews from music critics.

-Take attractive photos and videos of live events.

-Don’t avoid paid advertising when you’re ready, it can take you a long way!

Be aware of your actions

When you are online, the world is watching you. Always be careful with your actions and words. Along with this, Peter suggests, you should also be yourself. The one who can strike the perfect balance between who you are and who the fans would like you to be, can become the game changer!

Ultimately, Peter urges all artists to create content. Content that makes the ‘buzz’ and has the ability to go viral!

As the music mogul of the century, Peter will soon release his single on August 27 with Pooh Sheisty and his new artist Yung Booz. In November, he is set to release another single with Big 30 and their artist Yung Booz. This year he will release two singles. Also, their artist Yung Booz has a big Ep in October. Follow him on Instagram and get inspired by the Megaprimatus Kong!

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