How Nestor Castro, a six-figure economics expert, is helping people improve their lives every day!


From his youth in Queens, New York, Nestor Castro has been a leader and a servant. Nestor, who describes himself as “insatiable”, was always looking for ways to grow, improve and make a difference. This hunger led him to the US Army, where he served his country for nearly a decade, including a tour of Afghanistan, and upon returning home, he saw him join the local police force to serve and protect his community. But as an insatiable person, improving people’s current lives was not enough. He wanted a way to change future generations for the better.


So Nestor launched Grttiness LLC, a company focused on helping people improve their lives. My passion is helping people create real breakthroughs in their relationships, emotions, health, careers, and finances,” she explains. “I think you can get up from anything and completely recreate yourself. I can help you create new habits and build mental strength to excel in business and in life.” After overcoming his natural introversion and developing the necessary communication skills, that is exactly what Nestor began to do. Turning Gritties into a six-figure business in a short time, his approach to changing mindsets and establishing new habits had found his audience.

The future

But with much of his focus on the future, both for himself and his clients, Nestor isn’t content to stop at these short-term improvements. Advocate of epigenetics, a theory that proposes that lifestyle changes such as exercise, sleep patterns, diet, and abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can actually alter the way our cells read our genetic makeup. The idea is that through positive changes now, future generations will be less susceptible to certain diseases, bad habits, addictions, etc. “This inspired me to be successful,” Nestor begins. “If it’s not for me, it’s for my children, or my children’s children through DNA.”


As the name suggests, Grittiness is all about hard work and dedication to goals. But Nestor also stresses that learning when and how to work more effectively, including when to relax, is just as important. He says he had to build a network of like-minded people, learn to delegate responsibilities and when to just stop and enjoy the fruits of his labor. “I like to travel,” Néstor says about the way he prefers to spend his free time. “I take advantage of this ‘portable lifestyle’ that I have created for myself.”

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