How Matej Manjkas uses his brand, Paragon Enterprises, to help people build their online empire

At 22, Matej Manjkas runs the world’s fastest growing Instagram brand, growth and marketing company known as Paragon Enterprises.

“My company, Paragon Enterprises, has a goal that is simple to understand but difficult to execute. It was created to help anyone create their own online empire,” he said.

Matej added that his company can handle just about anything. From growing on all social media platforms to getting your clients published in high profile press, website design, funnel design, email marketing, automation, copywriting and everything in between. It is the complete package.

Under Matej’s leadership, Paragon Enterprise’s goal is to be the leader and most elite brand in the digital marketing and growth industry.

Passionate about your brand

According to Matej, one of the secrets to Paragon Enterprise’s success in the industry comes from the unparalleled amount of passion that he and his team have to offer.

“I firmly believe that if you have a true passion for the projects you are working on together with a great team, a lot of hard work and intellect, you will be the best in that field and get the best results.” he said.

He added that passion is what gets him through the long hours and obstacles along the way. And most importantly, it is the same passion for his brand that made Matej disciplined enough to pursue his goals no matter the circumstances.

How it started

Matej’s career began in the summer of 2019. In the following six months, he went through a lot of trial and error, learning, networking, sleepless nights, as well as investing in himself and then his brand.

“Success doesn’t come out of nowhere, so I made sure to put time, money, hard work and all my energy into building my business. He knew that credible, truly elite brands with the highest quality products and services have the most impact, make the most money, and have the best results. So assuming you have quality service, focus on establishing a powerful brand,” said the young entrepreneur.

The first period of truly exponential growth occurred in February and March 2020 when his Page grew tremendously, giving him a new level of credibility and exposure. His page grew to 50k-60k followers and he had tons of engagement and social proof. Its income also experienced the same exponential growth as a by-product.

“Getting clients became much easier and they were willing to invest more in my growth services, after which my company would get them hundreds of thousands of real, active followers, and show them exactly how to turn all that recognition into revenue and sales. . The same formula applies to all businesses regardless of industry. You need a valuable service/product, a proven way to sell it, a large audience to sell it to, and of course a well-established brand that people trust,” he said.

From March 2020 to the present, Matej and his company Paragon Enterprises generated total revenue of around $950,000 for themselves and their clients. The summer of 2021 has only been a continuation of that success, but on a much larger scale. Today, Matej comfortably boasts around 230,000 followers on Instagram, his income, Paragon Enterprises’ income, and his clients’ income is growing like never before with no signs of slowing down. In his own words “this is just the beginning…”

Learn more about Matej Manjkas through his instagram account. Also, take a look Paragon Companies on Instagram.

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