How Katie Godfrey was able to build a successful business with no qualifications

Starting at the age of 19, Katie Godfrey had no plans on how to build her business. Growing up in Luton, Bedfordshire, she and her amazing family were bullied at school. As a result, she Katie decided to leave school at the age of 13 and became a model. However, she did not give up learning. While continuing to work as a model, she also spent her spare time learning new things and researching how to open a business. She therefore, at the age of 18, opened her first business, a modeling agency, but only a year later, she launched her main business, KG Salon. And though at the time her Katie was sinking into bank loans and debt, she got it all back when her beauty salon picked up the pace and she started increasing her clients.

Katie’s job was different from other salons in the district as she was always loyal and genuinely wanted to help her clients. Through her determination, she soon became one of the first trainers in the UK to go to New York to learn the Russian Volume Lashes technique and return to teach it. Therefore, as the demands of learning from Katie increased, she launched her international beauty training academy along with her range of quality products under the title of “KG Professional”. She here she sought to help others gain the skills to thrive in the beauty industry so that together they can raise standards in all salons. Today KG Professional has branches in Bedfordshire, Southampton, Gloucestershire, Derbyshire, Milton Keynes, Sussex and Essex, while its range of lashes are sold all over the world.

As Katie’s incredible success is inspiring to many hoping to grow their business, she also mentors those growing up in the hair and beauty industry through another arm of the KG brand, KG Business Mentor, where she oversees over 35 rooms to help their owners create teams and achieve freedom. She also hosts regular podcasts under the name “The Life Of KG” where she, in addition to sharing her own stories and challenges, invites other experts in the industry so she can expand her reach.

Katie’s accomplishments are inspiring considering where she started and how, without any qualifications, she has built a successful business. Therefore, she is a perfect example of the idea that with dedication and hard work, anything can be achieved.

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