How Judi Castro used her aesthetic nursing background to create skincare brands

There are numerous sayings about beauty. Many of these talk about how beauty goes beyond the surface and it is what is inside that counts most. While he’s telling some truth, there’s nothing wrong with paying attention to our physical appearance, especially if it gives us the confidence boost we need to achieve our goals.

Judi Castro, co-founder of Estrella Aesthetics and Surgical Arts in Corona, California, knows the impact of being satisfied with your physical appearance.

Using her 20 years of experience in the aesthetics industry, Judi established a medical spa and created skincare lines that aim to make people feel beautiful and ultimately good about themselves.

Your driving force

“My passion for aesthetics began at a very young age when I suffered from hyperpigmentation due to melasma caused by pregnancy,” Judi shared.

As a woman, Judi knows how other people like her can be very hard on themselves and their lack of self-esteem. That and her experience with her melasma led Judi to pursue a career in esthetics.

“With my experience as an ICU nurse, transport nurse, and trauma nurse, I furthered my education in aesthetic medicine and made the leap into my true passion for aesthetic nursing,” said Judi.

Due to her decision to gain more knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine, Judi was able to develop two different skin care lines: JC Complete Skin Health and Beflawless Skin. She also started a line of cosmetics called Beflawless Cosmetics.

“Estrella Estética is a medical spa where we help people to be a better version of themselves. On the other hand, JC Complete Skin Health is a pharmaceutical line of skin care to correct and treat the skin; Beflawless cosmetics is a skin care line designed to help address everyone’s skin needs; Lastly, Beflawless cosmetics is a line of cosmetics with different makeup products to make you feel beautiful”, shared Judi.

deal with work

With her medical spa and skincare brands, Judi has a lot on her plate. She admits that running multiple businesses will always be a challenge, but she has a great staff around her to help navigate the obstacles in her way.

But when things get too overwhelming for her, Judi has a way of handling the situation.

“For me, when I’m burned out, I love to go on vacation and take a few days to relax,” she said.

Judi is an inspiration to many others who want to follow the path she took because she never gave up on her goals and dreams, and also put in the time and effort to make it happen. Learn more about Judi Castro at Instagram.

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