How Jax Fanucci Overcame Many Obstacles

The life of Jax Fanucci is the perfect example of “going through hell with a smile and being victorious.” For 15 years, Jax suffered from severe anorexia nervosa and was also bullied while in high school. A lot of people would have resigned themselves to fate, but Jax wasn’t going to do that. She persisted and today is a great source of inspiration and motivation for many people.

Today, at the age of 28, Jax has succeeded in documenting his journey of recovery from anorexia on YouTube. Her courage to expose her vulnerabilities by documenting her journey of recovery is all you need to know about her incredible desire to inspire people like her. At one point, the doctors said that he would not live to the end of the year, but he has proven them wrong. She is not only alive, but she is also impacting the lives of others.

Jax and his mother own and run the largest active kids lifestyle program in the United Arab Emirates. Like the statement, “when life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade” has turned his 15 wasted years of battling anorexia into a video series exploring Dubai and inspiring others to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

She was inspired to pursue a life of entrepreneurship because she enjoyed that life of uncertainty that entrepreneurship brings. Jax realized that if he doesn’t face adversity, he will never become something special and his life will be lived in the “shadows.” Therefore, he decided to live on his own terms, regardless of what life throws at him.

For someone with their story, running a successful YouTube documentary and the UAE’s largest active lifestyle program for kids is nothing less than determination, persistence, and most importantly, belief in herself. He does not believe that anything is stopping him from reaching his goal and he shows it every day. Using entrepreneurship, you have learned to start your career on both feet. She understands that doing that means there is no safety net; therefore, your only option is to succeed and be a source of motivation and inspiration for many.

Jax’s life journey teaches us that life is about what you think of yourself. It doesn’t matter if others believe you or not. Believe in yourself, and there is no limit to what you can achieve in life, no matter the obstacle. By documenting your recovery from anorexia on Youtube and inspiring others in the same situation, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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