How Jason Greer built a successful business from scratch

You’ve probably read about the number of businesses that were literally created in someone’s home or garage, as in the case of Microsoft and so many tech startups. The same can be said for the path Jason Greer followed when he established Greer Consulting, Inc. Jason had barely $ 100 to his name when he set out to build his company, not knowing that Greer Consulting, Inc. would grow one of the leading employee consultancies. and labor relations of the country. However, in the beginning, his lack of funds and lack of potential clients nearly destroyed his business before it was launched. Also, he had no marketing skills and had no idea how to find clients.

Despite all the odds, Jason had a dream. He knew he wanted to revolutionize the industry and become a force to help businesses. But the question was, how was he going to do it? Where was I going to start?

Every journey begins with a step

During his time as a Board Agent on the National Labor Relations Board, Jason spent some time envisioning how he could help businesses that were often targeted by unions while helping create harmonious work environments. for managers and employees. In 2005, Jason left his position as a board agent for the NLRB and became a labor and employee relations consultant, under the direction of his newly formed company, Greer Consulting, Inc. He wanted to help employers create work environments. stronger and stronger work for your managers and employees. .

The only problem was that he was quickly depleting the money he saved from his time as a board agent for the NLRB. With no marketing budget and limited prospects, Jason decided to do free work to gain experience. Jason was willing to do free work as long as it meant he had a chance to improve his skill set while adding customer testimonials to his arsenal. Within two years, Jason began to gain traction in the industry and his client list began to grow.

Leveraging your strategy

Jason knew that it was necessary to offer a completely different approach to labor and employee relations if he had the opportunity to stand out from the competition in his field. That’s when Jason created the Employee Whisperer methodology, which aims to gain a deep understanding of the issues and challenges faced by employees and managers, from his perspective. The Employee Whisperer method provided solutions and expertise to companies to empower and retain employees and managers while helping those systems remain union-free.

Jason’s ability to marry his expertise in Counseling Psychology, Work Relationships, and Organizational Development, coupled with his personal and empathic strategy, made him one of the most sought-after employee and labor relations consultants in the nation.

Embracing the 3 Ps

Patience, perseverance, and passion played an important role in Jason’s successful journey. Jason learned to be patient while still cultivating an insatiable desire to succeed. This meant learning from his mistakes and at the same time realizing that the path to greatness consists of enduring the good times and the bad times without losing sight of what led him to start this business in the first place … creating the kind of work environments that respect and recognize employees. and managers alike.

Today, Jason is living his dreams. Greer Consulting, Inc. is in the top 5% of the nation’s labor and employee relations companies. Jason has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fox News, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg, and the LA Times. Jason is living proof that patience and passion will give you the life of your dreams as long as you are willing to be persistent in your pursuit of greatness.

You can connect with Jason here.

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